Certified Teachers

The following practitioners  successfully completed in 2020 a four-year Spiritual Teacher Training Program created by Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar

The program included the following  subjects: Microchakra™Psychology , Yoga Philosophy , Mantra chanting


Anja Dekker

The Netherlands,. Languages: Dutch and English 


Anja met Shyamji for the first time during the 1990s at a workshop in the Netherlands. Her experience of his sounds was breathtaking, as she had never before heard sounds that generated such a direct and immediate effect upon her. Over the years she continued to consult Shyamji for advice, and in 2014 Anja became Shyamji's student.  Anja loves to share the theory and practice of InnerTuning.  She offers classes and consultations for 'Every Body' based on Microchakra Psychology, Yoga Philosophy and Hatha Yoga.

Since 1994 she has practiced as a guide for parents during pregnancy, childbirth, and early childhood, using practices based upon yoga.  Anja is a certified yoga teacher since 1993, and she developed a teaching practice specializing in breath, chakra philosophy and childbirth at the Saswitha Academy for Yoga and Philosophy.  Anja's life has greatly benefited from the deep impact and spiritual refinements of Shyamji's sounds, which have brought her the gifts of awareness, confidence, true silence and joy.


Magali Stitelmann

Tel. +41797096726  Geneva, Switzerland

Languages: French, English and Spanish

Since 2015, Magali Stitelmann has been a dedicated student of Sri Shyamji and his extraordinary teachings. Magali considers herself very fortunate to have met him at that time, as she faced challenges in her life and was looking for a holistic purification.  She soon engaged in the InnerTuning© Training Programs offered by Chakra Institute. To contribute and spread his words of wisdom and well-being, she translated many of Shyamji’s workshops in Switzerland over the past 5 years.  She also collaborated on the Prana Calendar™.   Magali works as an environmental educator, and holds a degree in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.  Previously, she has worked as a professional beekeeper. Magali has also studied to become an Adult Trainer, with a specialization in adult counselling. 

Magali conducts a monthly Sunday workshops in Microchakra™ Psychology, Yoga philosophy, Mantra chanting, Innertuning© practice for well-being.  In addition, she provides counselling in lifelong learning methods for adults.



Annemieke de Boer

Tel. 0031653205353 Utrecht - The Netherlands

 Languages: Dutch and English.

 Annemieke has been a student of Shri Shyamji since 2014. Through Shyamji's teachings she has come to understand and experience the healing qualities of mantra. “All three of my bodies resonate with the sounds created by Shri Shyamji and with my own chanting. In the silence which follows, I come closer to my own sound, closer to my essence.  I wanted to meet Shri Shyamji ever since I first learned about Microchakra™ Psychology at the Saswitha academy for yoga and philosophy in the Netherlands, where I was studying. In 2014 I heard him chant for the first time and knew then that I had found what I was looking for, that I had arrived at the source. I became his student and attended purifications and workshops. I also helped with planning the consultations and such.”Annemieke is a certified hatha yoga teacher. For years she has been working with people of different ages and abilities. She conducts weekly classes based on the knowledge of Microchakra™ Psychology, breath therapy and Yoga Nidra.

"With the guidance of the breath I believe we all can do yoga!”





Languages: English, Dutch

Godelinde has been a student of Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar since 2015. His teachings have had a transformational impact on her life, giving her the tools to deepen her spiritual practice as well as inspire her to help others do the same.  

Godelinde incorporates Microchakra Psychology and InnerTuning practices in all her work.  She is a devoted singer. She conducts mantra chanting concerts; healing sounds concerts and classes. She plays the tambura, an Indian musical instrument that creates overtones with a healing quality.  Godelinde is a certified hatha yoga teacher. As a trained pedagogue she works in youth care and has years of experience guiding children, parents and educators. She offers consultations for Better Parenting to individuals, groups and health care/youth care institutions. As a mother and youth care professional, she provides counseling and practical tips for parents and educators to raise happy, healthy and spiritual children.



Marianne Peeters 


Tel: 06 4299 3994