The Chakra Institute was founded to help expand awareness beyond materialism. The ultimate source of all is Consciousness, which is never changing and eternal. In contrast, human awareness is constantly changing and mortal. However, it is the means by which humans can eventually recognize their origin in Consciousness. This is done by pursuing psychological growth and the gradual refinement of the personality.  

Most attention needs to be directed to the powerful emotions of fear, anger and greed. They tie us to the lower chakras and prevent our receiving energy from the higher chakras, where love, creativity, intuition and contentment have their source.

The theory of Microchakra™ Psychology and the practices of InnerTuning® provide the foundation for a new model of psychology and being. This model focuses on working with the subtle relationships between our material and non-material energies. It has the potential to improve human cooperation by developing a true understanding of the role of our species in the cosmos.

The work of the Chakra Institute is based upon directing our attention inward. As we do so, we come in contact with subtler and subtler energies. Sri Shyamji's inspired chanting with microtones™ guides us on this journey. The microtones™ also have healing properties which have benefited thousands.

The Chakra Institute is a non-for-profit 501©(3) organization.