Journey to the Source: India 2019


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Swami Atmanandendra Saraswatiji, the finest vedantic saint and scholar, 95 years of age, will address our questions, during our

seven darshans (visits of blessing). Mataji, his sister and a living model of Vedantic philosophy will also offer darshans.


Through the journey, Sri Shyamji will impart his teachings and extraordinary sacred sounds.













Dakshineswar Kali Temple, Kolkata



Kalighat Kali temple


Goddess Kali, with her purplish-black skin and vengeful visage, wearing a necklace of 108 skulls, the image of the goddess Kali provokes terror. It provokes confusion as well. If our spiritual journey is to dispel darkness and grow our inner light, then the goddess Kali becomes an essential source.

The famous temple of Kalighat Kali, devoted to Dakshina Kali, “the benevolent mother of the world,” is considered one of the holiest shrines of the 51 Shakta pilgrimage centers, revered by worshipers of Shiva and his consort alternatively named as Durga/Kali/Shakti.

While Kali is represented as a frightening, demonic entity, the statue in this temple is unique.

Created by two saints, Atmaram Brahmachari and Brahmananda Giri, it has three huge eyes, a long protruding tongue, and four hands all made of gold. She holds severed head of Shumba, signifying the vanquishing of human ego, which has been slain by divine knowledge in order to obtain Moksha, spiritual enlightenment.

During this Journey to the Source, early-registrant participants** may partake in a private puja that might result in a major transformation.