Online Three - Body Purification Retreat


5 - DAYS: Saturday, July 4 at 15:00 (Paris time) / 9:00 am (NY time)- Thursday, July 9 at  12:30 (Paris time)/10:30 am (NY time)

Followed up with  4 -  Days Online Advanced Workshop : Sounds for Altered States >


This 5-Day Purification is a prerequisite for the Advanced Sounds Workshop, Sounds for Altered States.

The Advanced Sounds workshop deals with beej mantras and requires the utmost purity.

Therefore only students who have completed  Three-Body Purifications within the six months prior to the dates noted above, may be exempt.

Contact for registration forms  by calling 215-862-3768 or contact us here (Chakra Institute - USA)


Contact for registration  forms and schedule  by calling 215-862-3768 or Here (Chakra Institute - USA)


Purification Program at Home invites everyone, no matter your age or walk of life.

We may not have the freedom to be together at this time, but cannot be stopped from purifying, growing spiritually and feeling better about ourselves.

The Retreat is designed to flush out accumulated toxicity, interrupt obsessive patterns of thinking, and resolve buried feelings.

The detailed practices will allow you to gradually rise above the mind, make right choices, and find the joy in each day, despite external circumstances.

The stresses of life, however, often sabotage us with negative thinking, emotional issues as well as physical and environmental toxicity.

Ayurvedic dietary protocol for Purification retreat:

The retreat's dietary protocol will address allergies, skin problems, headache, joint pain, sore throat, constipation, fatigue, and other health issues.

We experience these symptoms when our lymphatic system is compromised. The ayurvedic spring protocol will help to cleanse the toxins stored in our fat cells, stabilize your mood, and increase mental clarity.

 The diet is designed to enhance fat metabolism in the cells. Because fat is a stable fuel, you will experience a sense of calm when you enter the fat metabolism mode. You will have an opportunity to learn how to prepare and enjoy organic, gluten-free purifying vegetarian meals. The diet will be supplemented with cleansing and digestive herbs and supplements.

This protocol will help to detox and nourish your lymphatic system.

The customized dietary protocol, the foods and supplementation for the entire retreat will be designed for each participant depending upon their needs.

 Upon completion of your registration, a list of materials recommended for the purification will be sent to you.


Retreat schedule and agenda*


-   Sunrise meditation with full moon sounds by Sri Shyamji (the recording will be sent to you via WeTransfer or Dropbox)

- Ten classes with Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar: Microchakra™ Psychology, Nada (yoga of sound)

-  Daily Yoga classes (or InnerTuning movements), dietary suggestions and nutritional sessions with Marina Toleva, Health coach of Chakra Institute

    Please note that Mauna (speech fast) is observed until Noon and at other times.



Kindly note that registration is limited. We suggest you register now, to secure your place and transfer any prior registration to these new dates.

The contribution to the Chakra Institute is $108 for each day (100 Euros)

The contribution $540 (500 Euros) for 5 days program


Once your registration is completed, we will email the morning meditation mantra and the list of foods and ingredients to prepare for your purification protocol.

Zoom Meeting identifiers to join for each session will be sent on Wednesday, July 3.


Program Schedule and Agenda* adjusted for Paris time

Saturday, July 4

15:00                     Introduction Class 

17:00 - 18:30   Class with Sri Shyamji

19:00                     Dinner

21:00                     Retire

Sunday, July 5 - Monday, July 6 - Tuesday, July 7

5:00                        Sunrise meditation (recording of Fool moon sounds will be sent  via DropBox)

6:30                         Ghee protocol

7:00                          Breakfast

8:00                          Journal Writing

9:00                         Tattva Shuddhi practices

11:00 - 12:30      Class with Sri Shyamji

13: 00 - 13:30      Lunch

14:00 - 15:00       Rest

15:30                        InnerTuning movements & Asanas with Dietary suggestions 

17:00 - 18:30      Class with Sri Shyamji

19:00                       Dinner

20:00                       Aarti (some days)

21:00                       Retire

Wednesday, July 8

Final flush Day (will be sent on Tuesday, July 7)

Schedule for the classes will be the same as Sunday through Wednesday

Thursday, July 9

5:00                      Sunrise meditation

6:30                      InnerTuning Movements Recording by Sri Shyamji

7:30                      Breakfast

8:30                      Journal Writing

9:30                      Tattva Shuddhi practices

11:00 -12:30    Class with Sri Shyamji



* Schedule is subject to change


More information:

In the classes Sri Shyamji will introduce:

Microchakra Psychology™ and InnerTuning® practices which include potent matrika sounds, rhythms and mantras that releases blockages so the subtle body can become realigned and physical and mental health can be restored. Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar developed the InnerTuning technique and the Microchakra Psychology, a blend of ancient wisdom and contemporary psychology that explains the workings of the subtle body and how openings or blockages in the chakras can either encourage or sabotage psychological health and spiritual development.

Naada Yoga (yoga of sound)

Sounds offer specific frequencies to alter vibrations in the microchakras and through this change the neurochemical pathways of the brain. This results in feelings of peace and clarity.

Sounds of chakras

Chanting is a natural path to meditation. It liberates the mind from false identities and activates the subtle energies, reduces stress, and leads to serenity.

Sri Shyamji has the most unique voice radiating Soorya Akasha (ethereal space) which puts people in touch with a deeper state of awareness. The pure energy of the sounds  chanted by Shyamji enable listeners to absorb Soorya Akasha. To be effective, mantras must be given precise pronunciation and intonation as they are invocations of latent energies of major potential.

Soorya Akasha

Akasha is the element of the fifth chakra, the source of speech, listening upon the quality of the sound, akasha will be more or less refined. Among the finest akaaha is soorya akasha. Some of the many beneficial effects of Sorya Akasha are:

• Establishes new connections among neurons

• Produces a healing effect on the immune system

• Aides integration of all three fields: causal, subtle and physical

• Reduces breathing rate

• Brings contentment to the seven chakra minds

• Integrates the left and right hemispheres of the brain

• Refines the early (reptilian and mammalian) brain

• Aides unattached observation of phenomenal world

• Stimulates opening of the sixth microchakra of the fifth chakra, the locus of the Inner Guru

• Facilitates meditation                                         


Sri Shyamji is a master of the ancient Indian Healing arts of sound (naada) and breath (svara) which he has practiced and perfected for the last 50 years.

One of Shyamji's most important contributions to the living tradition of yoga is a diagnosis and treatment system he calls InnerTuning, which operates on subtle-body structures never before recognized in yogic literature: the microchakras. Microchakras are components of the larger chakras, the energetic vortices located along subtle channels analogous to the physical spine. When a microchakra is fully open, healing energy flows freely. The therapeutic effect is profound. Microchakras associated with sounds and mantras are known to evoke harmonious brainwaves, settling the breath and calming the mind.

Sri Shyamji will demonstrate how to use sound as a healing tool. He will chant to alter everyday awareness and increase insight into the causes of chronic ailments. Thousands of participants throughout the world have testified to the power of Shyamji's work.

Sri Shyamji learned these practices at age twelve by his Guru he met in the Himalayas. He received the knowledge of the Microchakras in one meditation, as a divine transmission. From this, unified with his mastery of Naada (sound) yoga, he created InnerTuning®, a comprehensive system for understanding and transforming human energies.


What are the Three Bodies?

Physical body: Between the cells of our physical body, there is considerable space. The other two bodies (causal and subtle, described below) pervade this space as radio waves through the "solid" walls of a room.

Subtle body: The seat of our feelings. The subtle body has seven major spinning wheels of light energy (chakras), energized by the five basic elements: earth, water, fire, air and akasha (space). Elements and combinations of elements play an essential ls role in determining how we feel. Under conditions of stress and toxicity, the elements lose their purity and potency. This may have a negative effect on our feelings. For example, when the earth element is in abundance, we feel solid and grounded, and our confidence is strengthened, while if earth is dispersed, we may feel weak and sluggish. When air is plentiful, we may feel buoyant and more loving; if polluted, it can cause us to feel uncaring.

Causal body:  Where our thoughts reside. Human beings, in the process of survival, evaluate changes in their environment first in the causal body by means of thought. Thoughts generate feelings in the subtle body, which are then expressed in the physical body. Thoughts, feelings, and sensations influence one another.

How the purification affects each body?

Physical body: Physical purification sharpens all five senses (smell, taste, sight, touch and hearing). It inspires the desire to keep the body healthy. The dietary protocol is intended to cleanse the internal organs (liver, kidney, bladder, spleen, blood and intestines), strengthen the immune system, and decrease sensitivity to allergens.

Subtle Body: Purification of the subtle body cleanses our feelings and emotions. The negative ones may have been buried beneath our awareness. Sometimes, old memories from early childhood emerge. This is part of the purification process. As participants become in touch with their real feelings on a deeper level, they begin to lay the groundwork for improvement in relationships, creating contentment as competitiveness evaporates one can truly feel happy when others are also succeeding. Helping others becomes a reward in and of itself. Sri Shyamji's sounds and mantras act deeply on the subtle body, increasing awareness of the effects sounds have on body, mind and spirit. Many have reported a greater sound awareness at the retreat's end.

Causal Body: We discuss deep questions such as: "Who Am I?"; "Why Am I Here?"; and "How do I create and maintain wellness and happiness in my life?"  The educational experience is empowering on many levels. The process of thinking itself may begin to feel clearer. Interest in abstract thinking naturally emerges, along with the desire to turn the senses inward (pratyahara).  We chant sounds and mantras that produce Soorya (golden) akasha. This highly refined akasha pushes dense, toxic akasha out of the causal body. The absorption of Soorya akasha purifies apana, and helps to integrate the three bodies, facilitating meditation and life transformation. Consequently, the breathing rate drops dramatically and participants feel a deep sense of Self and transformation.

What is Apana?

Our three bodies are energized by five major pranas, or vital life forces. Of these five, the Apana prana is the detoxifier.

Apana prana normally operates below the navel, where it facilitates bodily functions of elimination such as urination etc. The stress of modern life putrefies Apana, however, affecting the purity of higher pranas. Therefore, different regions of the body can manifest disorders ranging from constipation to depression, memory problems to dementia, and even schizophrenia. When the apana is purified, digestion and bowel rhythm is improved, and one feels grounded, clear, stable and light.