Online Advanced Workshop: Sounds for Altered States

  4 -  Days Online Advanced Workshop : Sounds for Altered States

Empower yourself with the Tantric Goddesses, the Mahavidhyas




Thursday,  July 9 - Sunday, July 12


Important note: the 5-Day Purification is a prerequisite for this workshop, Sounds for Altered States. 
Only students who have completed the Three-Body Purification within the six months prior to these dates may be exempt, 
as the Advance Sounds workshop deals with biji mantras and requires the utmost purity.

Each day Includes 3 hours of workshop presentations by Sri Shyamji:

  10:30 am  - 1:30 pm (New York time)/ 16:30 - 19:30 (Paris time)

A daily one hour  group class

 9:00 am (New York time)/ 15:00 (Paris time)


 A special recording of new moon sounds and mantras will be sent

 for transformational dawn meditation practices during the workshop.

 Registration form by request.

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When the sun is covered by dark clouds and the light is dim, we misperceive reality. This dark cloud is a smoky veil, a force within called Dhumavati.

Conversely, tune in to our inner light, to maintain composure and maturity, and not succumb to negative emotions. Fear and insecurity are transformed into strength to stand for the rightness.

Dhumavati is no exception to the capabilities of the other tantric goddesses. She can help us to discover the inner light of the Vishudha (throat chakra), where we experience purusha shoonya, the empty space.

Bhuvneshvari goddess censures trayambak Shiva (the third eye) by balancing the three gunas. She bestows upon us the light to embrace Ardhanarishvara Shiva eliminating the duality of our gender identity. If we dot use her Shakti, we become preoccupied with our shadow side of pessimistic ideas, fear of untimely death and start imaging the unreal to be real.

Kali’s benevolence offers us 108 lives as a human being, in which to become enlightened. Not utilizing her gifts properly causes bondage and false identifications.

Goddess Shodashi can facilitate the inversion of the five senses and reveals panchavaktra Shiva with the light of ultra-pure Vishuddha (throat chakra).

 Through proper use of sounds which leads to hearing our own fundamental note, Nada, you will reach a blissful state.

This advanced sounds workshop will address the role of these four tantric forces, including acknowledging and understanding of their role in terms of Microchakra Psychology™. It is known that blocked microchakras conceal our light with the darkness.

The beej mantras of these four goddesses will be taught, practiced and chanted to absorb Soorya Akasha leading to the experience of the light that you truly are.