Spring Retreat


 Spring Retreat

with Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar

 An advanced workshop combined with Spring purification

How to use these states as a tool for refinement of the thinking process leading to SAMADHI

(union with our divine Self)


-Experience altered state and bliss through sounds and mantras

-Learn how to purify your mind, feelings and body

-Enjoy vegetarian organic meals


5 days: April 19-24

3 days: April 19-22

Early bird discount 10% off if the full price of retreat paid before  February 26th.

To secure your place a non-refundable deposit of $200 is required by MARCH 26th.


In order to get maximum benefit from powerful mantras and sounds chanted  by Sri Shyamji it is important to have a spring purification.

We are energized by five major praanas, or vital life forces. Of these five, the apaana praana is the detoxifier. It normally operates below the navel, where it facilitates the bodily functions of elimination. However, the stress of modern life putrifies the apaana, affecting the purity of higher praanas. As a result, different regions of the body can manifest disorders ranging from constipation to anger, intolerance to anxiety and depression, memory problems to dementia. When the apaana is purified, digestion and bowel rhythm is improved, and you will feel grounded, clear, and light.

 Periodic purifications rid the body of toxic materials. This is particularly important to energize organs such as the colon, liver, kidneys and lungs that are regularly expelling toxins.

The physical body is pervaded by a subtle body which is the source of our feelings and emotions. These include insecurity, fear and anger. Selfish relationships based on greed and competition further contribute to toxicity. The subtle body can be detoxified by special stretching and breathing exercises, devotional chanting and InnerTuning movements.

 When our physical and subtle bodies are in harmony, we can become aware of an even subtler body that is the source of our thoughts. It is the causal body which also requires detoxification by reduction of negative thoughts, inferiority or superiority complexes, depression and mistaken values which harm the health of all three bodies. These negative thoughts may be overcome by drawing upon latent sources within us.

 Aurvedic dietary protocol: The diet is designed to enhance fat metabolism in the cells. Because fat is a stable fuel, you will experience a sense of calm when you enter the fat metabolism mode. You will have three organic, gluten-free purifying vegetarian meals a day. The diet will be supplemented with cleansing and digestive herbs and supplements. This protocol will help to detox and nourish your lymphatic system.


Advanced vocal sounds will be taught and practiced.

Sri Shyamji’s unique ability to produce the ethereal element of soorya (golden) aakaasha with his voice, is the key to the powerful changes every participant in the retreat can expect. The absorption of soorya aakaasha also purifies apaana, and helps to integrate the three bodies.

The beautiful environment of  Chakra Institute, coupled with the extraordinary tones and overtones of the tambura (a handmade gourd instrument) will transport one to other realms of awareness. Tranquil meditation follows naturally.


Twice-daily classes:  Microchakra Psychology, Naada and Svar Yoga (the yoga of sound and breath, which includes chanting special sounds and mantras); Visualization; microtone chanting,

Yoga practices, special InnerTuning movements, walks and rhythmic breathing.

Mauna (speech fast) is observed until noon. This is of paramount importance for the observation of thoughts and feelings, and ultimately leads to internal silence by which one can be guided from within.

Sunrise meditation followed by a practice of Svar Yoga (synchronization of the brain hemispheres with the breath).

Professional quality Video for in-depth understanding of the Bhagavat-Gita from a living saint and other spiritual documentaries from the Chakra Institute library

A nutrition class on dietary integration and seasonal maintenance to maintain purity of Apaana after purification.

Group chanting and other activities.

Chakra Analysis private consultations with Sri Shyamji and InnerTuning massage with Chakra Institute certified practitioners will be available during the Retreat.




-Comfortable, loose-fitting cotton clothes. Have a clean set of

clothes for each day and additional layers for cooler mornings.


-Exercise clothes for yoga classes



-Soft slippers

-Rubber-soled footwear to use outdoors. *Grass is usually wet

during early morning walks.

-Umbrella or rain gear


-Blank notebook or journal and a pen