Training Programs

THE CHAKRA INSTITUTE - A not-for-profit organization

dedicated to advancing the theory of Microchakra Psychology and the practice of InnerTuning®

It offers: Ongoing INNERTUNING® Training Course with Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar

1-InnerTuning® massage / 2.5 years for certification

2-InnerTuning Spiritual Teachers  / 2.5 years for certification

3-Chakra Institute Teacher Training  - castomized program by invitation /  prerequisites: 2  programs above

Continuation  training at Chakra Institute location 

4-Personal Growth (no limit, no certification)

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Contact Information: Chakra Institute, New Hope, PA, USA

Tel: 215-862-3768

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These programs are designed to deepen psycho-spiritual growth. The program is open to all students for personal growth and professional training. It is an ideal opportunity for professionals such as yoga teachers, massage therapists, psychotherapists and nurses to enhance their effectiveness.

Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar is a master of Naada(Sound) Yoga, Creator of Microchakra Psychology and Founder of InnerTuning® for spiritual development. His international network of students and professionals learn the InnerTuning® practices at centers in USA, Europe & South America. Sri Shyamji  will impart the psychology of the microchakras and techniques to absorb the light from the benevolent chakras. This is InnerTuning® System. Participants will undergo training to preserve the authenticity of the Microchakra Psychology theory and InnerTuning® practices. Each program combines on-site and off-site training.

As the evolution of the human species proceeds, an increasing number of people are becoming aware of the limitations of materialism. They come to know that they are much more than a physical body. They have a vast unexplored network of nonmaterial (spiritual) energies which pervade their physical bodies just as radio waves pervade the “solid” walls of a building.

Chakra Institute offers systematic instruction in developing these spiritual energies through its programs.

Graduates of Spiritual Teacher training and InnerTuning massage conduct InnerTuning workshops.

Graduates of Chakra Institute  teacher training conduct Purification Retreats. They have an access to recordings of CI library in order to prepare their work, make booklets and fliers to use for their events.

Students who earn certifications  will be listed on the Chakra Institute web site:


Daily Schedule:

-Morning meditation

-Two Classes with Shyamji.

-Daily group practices, InnerTuning walks and stretches, group chanting.

-Daily practice with demonstration for facial and head energy work supervised by Innertuning® massage trained specialist.(Recordings with instructions will be available to study during the practices.)

-Aarti - balancing body and brain with light and sound or special Video recordings

-Karma Yoga

-Cooking healthy meals A nutrition class will be conducted at the end of the program with a certified holistic health counselor.


The 2.5 year curriculum in USA consists in of:

-5 on-site six-day courses, followed by 4-6 off-site months;

-2 five-day Three-Body Purification Retreat™ followed by five-days of Advanced sounds or 4 five-day Three-Body Purification Retreat™

-3 one-weekend workshops with Shyamji or 15 InnerTuning classes.

Between courses, apprentices are given recordings of mantras and videos of massage movements to develop their skills.


Cost: $990 per 5 day week on site: (Includes tuition, educational supplies, organic meals and lodging)


Students are advised to follow off-site daily spiritual practices and schedule monthly or bimonthly private consultations with Shyamji for the InnerTuning of the microchakras and revision of their personal Mantras (not included in the price).

Applicants for all training programs should complete the application form listed on the website.


TESTS and assignments required FOR 2.5 years CERTIFICATION:

- Practical:  InnerTuning massage (for InnerTuning massage program)

- Conducting 4 InnerTuning classes during Shyamji’s workshops or retreats

- 3 written tests are based on the text book: Shyamji Bhatnagar and David Isaacs: Microchakras

- Recordings of the mantras

- All assignments are given during the program



●Basic theoretical framework for understanding Microchakras

●Explanation of how various blockages develop in childhood

●The effect of blockages on adult personality

● Spirituality and meditation

● Ashtanga yoga of Patanjali

● Self and non-Self

● Five primary elements (tattvas)

● The nonmaterial fields (bodies)

● The 3 desire principles (lingas)

● Study of the Self (Svadhyaya)

● 7 egos and 1 Self

● The tripartite brain

● Meaning and practice affecting the right hemisphere

● Kundalini and her sister powers

● Yantras and Mandalas. Role in opening blocked microchakras

● Vidya and avidya Chakras and Microchakra Dynamics

● Chakras - 7 major and 2 minor

● Study of the causes and effects of openings and blocks in the micro chakras

● Understanding the significance of the solar and lunar paths

● How to use your own micro chakra chart to understand your behavior

● Patterns of micro chakra activity

● The power of “witnessing” to unblock microchakras

● Protecting the micro chakras of infants and children

● Fiery central channel

● 147 micro chakras


Advanced Breathing Techniques

Knowledge of the breath is a frontier in spiritual development that has numerous aspects.

The InnerTuning method includes:

● Techniques for deepening the effect of pranayama

● Using breath to detect your own fundamental note

● Lunar and solar hemispheric synchronization: Prana Calendar

● Understanding the role of inhalation and exhalation in administering healing energy

● Subtle pranayama exercises

● Breath and the function of the 3 bodies

● Breath and altered states

● Prana Calendar

● Controlling flow of breath in nostrils

● Breathing and brain function


Mantras and sound development

●Pronunciation of selected sounds and mantras

●Cultivation of Bhavana (feeling) through Naada yoga

●Internal and external chanting of mantra.

● Training ears to experience the subtlety of sound

● Effects of 3 octaves on 3 lingas, i.e., seven chakra minds

● Rhythm of the first 3 chakras

● Mantras for 7 chakras

● Proper breathing and pronunciation

● Role of mantra in opening blocked micro chakras

● Choosing a mantra for a new client.

● Sound as origin of universe

● Invoking the power inherent in mantra

● Producing soorya aakasha (ethereal space)

● Meaning and practice affecting the right hemisphere

● Kundalini and her sister powers

● Yantras and Mandalas.

● Vidya and Avidya

● Daily use of light and color for spiritual growth

(Puja ingredients, Bhavana ( sentiment), Vidhi (instructions)


Touch development for practices of  InnerTuning massage

-Caring for the fingers.

-Experiencing subtle energies within and between the hands -Increasing energy intensity in the fingers.

-Experiencing the storehouse of healing energy of the heart chakra. -Mudras: guidance in the movements of the hands.

-Recognizing releasers in the fingertips.

-Transferring energy to the client. Client-Specialist Protocol -Satvik, Rajsik and Tamsik energy. -Communication. Distance and compassion.



InnerTuning® Massage is a combination of special techniques for directing energy of the chakras to the head, neck and shoulders accompanied by the subtle sounds. Shyamji has recorded precise sounds which penetrate the microchakras and help to bridge with the subtle body. This invigorates all nerve endings for entire body and creates a balance in two hemispheres of the brain. Innertuning® massage is more powerful than whole body massage due to the experience of the subtle energy flow. Each massage releases long-held tensions in both upper and lower jaws. The whole face feels composed, with a relaxed smile and radiant skin. This radiance may extend throughout the entire body.