Webinars Microchakra ™ Psychology Webinars

Microchakra ™ Psychology and InnerTuning© therapy: A new paradigm 

By Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar

The series of seven webinars focuses will be on the spiritual dimension in the therapeutic setting.


Thursdays:  May 13, 27, June 10:

1:30 - 3:00 pm (NYC time)

19:30 - 21:00 (AMS time)


The extracts of some of the sounds and mantras will be sent after each class.

The discoverer of the microchakras™, Sri Shyamji has over five decades of experience in teaching his insights and therapeutic methodology. He is in private practice in New York and New Hope, Pennsylvania. He continues his international practice, at this time, via Zoom.


Seven chakras constantly influence our nervous system. Their smooth rotation is extremely important for optimum physical, emotional and spiritual harmony.

All seven chakras spin and emit a specific hue of light through their respective microchakras. Babies in the womb have all the microchakras* open with few exceptions. Any shock or practice of custom that creates repeated discomfort and/or any unfulfilled needs will cause blocks.

For example, if the third microchakra in the third chakra (3:3) in the right channel (developed in the first three years of life) will become blocked as a result of premature cutting of the umbilical cord at birth.

It will require great effort later in life to open the corresponding microchakra (3:3) in the left channel.

A block in 3:3 in the left channel expresses itself in behaviors such as stubbornness, close-mindedness to others and to unfamiliar situations, resistance and holding back.

It's clear to see how this block alone can obstruct the flow of daily life experiences, for oneself and others.

The researches supports that mantra chanting brings order to the brain and calms the nervous system. As a result, neurons fire creating new, healthier connections.

The content transmitted in these courses will be enriched by the experience of time-tested classical sounds and mantras that resonate and open the microchakras.

When the therapeutics of the InnerTuning© system are practiced, the spiritual dimension becomes available thus leading to a subtle yet powerful healing process.


Topics covered in the series includes:


Energy flow in the 3 subtle channels interconnecting the 7 chakras

 Dynamic interplay of the microchakras

 Practices that cause different microchakras to become blocked

 Behavioral patterns displayed as a result of blocked/opened microchakras

 Therapeutic use of sound (mantra) and visuals (yantra and mandala)

 Understanding mythology of the dreamer

 Influence of Numerology

 Three doshas of Ayurveda

 InnerTuning© meditation

Time will be allotted for questions.


Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar is a visionary, a unique therapist, and founder of the Chakra Institute. He is the discoverer of the microchakras™. 

He  is a master of the ancient Indian Healing arts of sound (Nada Yoga) and breath (Svar Yoga) which he has practiced and perfected for the last 50 years.

His unusual ability to produce the ethereal space called soorya akasha with his voice allows many people to experience powerful changes.

One of his most important contributions to the living tradition of yoga is a diagnosis and treatment system he calls InnerTuning©, which operates on subtle-body structures never before recognized in yogic literature: the microchakras™ which are the components of the larger chakras, the energetic vortices located along subtle channels analogous to the physical spine.

When a microchakra™ is fully open, healing energy flows freely. The therapeutic effect is profound. Microchakras™ associated with sounds and mantras are known to evoke harmonious brainwaves, settling the breath and calming the mind. 

Through his chants and teachings, you will learn  to purify three bodies: the physical, the subtle (feeling)  and the causal body (thoughts). The healing energy finally binds the three fields in to one wholeness.

His book, Microchakras: Innertuning for Psychological Well-being, co-authored with Prof. David Isaacs, PhD in psychology, was published in English and in French in 2009 and 2013 respectively.

It can be ordered in USA Here

Or in Europe Here


In the Netherlands:  the American Book Center in Amsterdam

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    Some of the fifty-two sounds of chakras are used by all languages. Seven of these are used by musicians. Sri Shyamji has found that the sounds of chakras and mantras may remove blockages within the microchakras™ pathways of light.

    Proper pronunciation for the mantras will be taught and practiced together, as a preparation to experience the deep effect of the Soorya Akasha, the golden ether, a rare aspect of the voice, created by Sri Shyamji's voice during these sessions.

    What is Soorya Akasha?

    Akasha is the element of the fifth chakra, the source of speech, listening upon the quality of the sound, akasha will be more or less refined. Among the finest akaaha is soorya akasha. Some of the many beneficial effects of Sorya Akasha are:

    • Establishes new connections among neurons

    • Produces a healing effect on the immune system

    • Aides integration of all three fields: causal, subtle and physical

    • Reduces breathing rate

    • Brings contentment to the seven chakra minds

    • Integrates the left and right hemispheres of the brain

    • Refines the early (reptilian and mammalian) brain

    • Aides unattached observation of phenomenal world

    • Stimulates opening of the sixth microchakra™of the fifth chakra, the locus of the Inner Guru

    • Facilitates meditation