Winter Retreat 2018


Royal Path of the Beggar
with Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar

Mantras, Sounds  & Chakra Psychology 
combined with Winter purification


5 days:
December 26-31 
3 days:
 December 26-29
Chakra Institute, New Hope,PA


Take home a complimentary  recording of 
Sri Shyamji's mantra chanted at the retreat.
This five-day workshop is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get out of darkness and allow the light to shine on your being.

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Each of us has a dormant (unused) energy at the base of the spine.

This potential must be exhausted to discover our divine Self. 
A systematic way to awaken Kundalini is to first awaken her Seven Sisters.
For our psychological stability, all seven goddesses of the chakras and their counterparts, gods, must be in a harmonious relation.
Then each of the seven chakra minds will be content which is a prerequisite for liberation.
All 7 Goddesses are benevolent as well as fierce. Awakened prematurely they are fierce.

For example, if first chakra goddess Dakini is awake and Ganesha and Brahma are not, you will have the ability to amass a great deal of material wealth by any means but will not find contentment.
Each chakra contains 21 microchakras which vary from completely blocked to completely open. It is important to understand the blocks in the microchakras (pathways to Chakras). 
Shyamji chants mantras and sounds of the chakras according to the principles of Nada Yoga. His voice creates (ethereal space) Soorya Akasha which frees blocks and finally opens the 7th microchakras (contentment) of all 7 chakra minds. 
Coupled with the gods (devas) and energy of the Sisters in each chakra may be utilized to free the pathways for the great goddess Kundalini to rise in the central channel called Shivnadi. The cosmic embrace of Shiva and Shakti causes liberation from samsara.
In this state, there is no duality and our thoughts, feelings and actions are synchronous.
While enlightenment depends on the contentment of all 7 chakra minds it is essential to know how we can choose the right tools to awaken these extraordinary powers.

Subjects to be taught include:

Use of tones & microtones in listening and chanting mantras

Tools for refinement of hearing

Mantras to invoke gods and goddesses

Major blocks & opening of microchakras

Special breathing techniques for chanting (according to Svar Yoga)

Sounds to cleanse energy pathways (microchakras)

In order to get maximum benefit from powerful mantras and sounds chanted by Sri Shyamji it is important to have a winter purification.

Aurvedic dietary protocol: The diet is designed to enhance fat metabolism in the cells. Because fat is a stable fuel, you will experience a sense of calm when you enter the fat metabolism mode. You will have three organic, gluten-free purifying vegetarian meals a day.

The diet will be supplemented with cleansing and digestive herbs and supplements. This protocol will help to detox and nourish your lymphatic system. 

Advanced vocal sounds will be taught and practiced.

Sri Shyamji's unique ability to produce the ethereal element of soorya (golden) akasha with his voice, is the key to the powerful changes every participant in the retreat can expect. The absorption of soorya akasha also purifies apana, and helps to integrate the three bodies.

The beautiful environment of Chakra Institute, coupled with the extraordinary tones and overtones of the tambura (a handmade gourd instrument) will transport one to other realms of awareness. Tranquil meditation follows naturally.

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