Better Parenting

BABY GURU workshops at Chakra Institute, New Hope, PA


There are many sources of advice to parents and prospective parents. Some of the advice given here is in agreement with others. The unique advice is based on the theory of Microchakra™ Psychology.
This theory describes the two non-material bodies, which pervade our physical body and have a direct effect upon its functioning. One non-material body is the “subtle” body. It is the source of our feelings.

The other is the “causal” body. It is the source of our thoughts.

Microchakra Psychology emphasizes human growth and development and places particular emphasis on the “right channel age.” In girls, this is the first three years and, in boys, the first three and one-half years. During the forty weeks of pregnancy, tri-fold energy accumulates in the head. It is a combination of male, female and neutral energy. Beginning at birth, this energy slowly descends the right channel of the subtle body. This channel runs the length of the spinal column. As the energy descends, it opens the micro chakras, which connect with it, if it encounters no obstructions. The latter may leave the microchakra blocked or partially blocked. Open microchakras contribute to a healthy vibrant personality. Blocked microchakras cause impaired personality functioning.

Better parenting requires doing as much as possible to maximize the opening of the 49 microchakras during the right channel age. Here are some suggestions:

During birth, find ways to squat in warm water.

Whenever possible, breastfeed the baby when you hear a hungry cry.

Provide the baby with a small oval shaped well-cushioned bed that can easily fit in a double bed. The baby should sleep between the parents for the first 40 weeks. After that, a crib can be placed next to

the parents’ bed. After the right channel age, the child will probably ask for his own bed.

If you decide on circumcision, be sure that the baby receives an anesthetic before surgery. Babies do have feelings despite the views of some “authorities” who should know better.

Do not worry about “spoiling” a baby during the right channel age. Instead, treat them like a prince or princess. If the baby cries, it is because something is needed.

After birth, mother should take off from work for as long as possible (up to 40 weeks).

Provide the baby with frequent whole-body massage. Use organic coconut oil in summer and almond oil in winter. Do this massage for 10 minutes then bath. You will have a happy, healthy, smiling radiant baby.

Make the new babies feel part of the family. At night, never put them away alone. Babies raised with unconditional love will be able to offer unconditional love as adults.

Many parents, for some reason or another, feel guilty for not having done enough for their children. Doing the right thing, both day and night, will provide contentment—not guilt. 

More on parenting may be found in Microchakras: InnerTuning for Psychological Well-Being by S.Bhatnagar and D.Isaacs.