Innertuning® sessions with Shyamji

Initial Innertuning® session:  Chakra Analysis and Microchakra Tuning

To schedule please call NYC (212)689-2006 or PA(215)862-3768.

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Chakra Analysis 

Prior to this session, Shyamji's certified Facial  innertuning specialist wiil provide a 30 minute  Innertuning® massage to the head ,face and shoulders. This relaxes both body and mind and prepares you for the next step. During the first session, Shyamji charts the 98 micro chakras. He listens to the client describe any issues and relates their comments to patterns of blockage in the micro chakras. Together they prioritize the blocks for clearing. Consideration is given to the fact that blockages often function as "saboteurs" which prevent some openings from manifesting a potentially healthy effect. Preparation of the chart enables the client to focus more clearly on the underlying causes of any emotional issues.

Discussion of the issues is supplemented with holistic advice and recommendation of mantra. Mantra works directly on the subtle body and provides additional strength to overcome the blocked microchakra. Attitude changes! People learn to focus on the solutions.
Dietary and exercise suggestions are given to suit the body type (vatta, pitta, kapha).

Follow-up session: Microchakras Tuning 

In the follow up shorter sessions, micro chakras are energized for vitality and balance. In addition, psycho spiritual issues are examined to deepen awareness of svar yoga. Micro tone chanting of the mantras (naada yoga) leads eventually to hearing one's own  fundamental note. Blissful meditations occur naturally.
Alignment of the micro chakras enables them to be more receptive to the perfect light energy coming from the chakras. The effect of this alignment may be felt for several days afterwards as a sense of balance and harmony .


 Initial session - Chakra analysis  (2 hours) with InnerTuning® massage: $250 

Follow-up session - Microchakras Tuning (40 minutes): $135

Microchakra Tuning combined with InnerTuning® massage : $175


Cancellation policy:

 Please help us serve you better by cancelling appointments as early as possible. If cancellation notification is less than 48 hours, 50% charge of fee will be assessed. If less than 24-hours notice is given, 90% of fee will be charged.