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Please Contact us for Application form at Chakra Institute, New Hope, PA, USA

Tel: 215-862-3768

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Name: __________________________________________

Dates ___________

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Date of Birth: _______________ Gender ____

Phone: ___________________ Email: _________________________________

1. What is your current occupation? _______________________________

2. Do you hold any professional license(s)? Yes _____ No _____. If yes, please attach copies.

3. Why are you interested in this training?

4. Briefly describe related past experiences.

Please mail completed form to Chakra Institute, P.O. Box 34, New Hope, PA 18938.

Alternatively, scan and email .

You will be notified regarding your acceptance for the program.


USA: $990 per 5-day course; $650 per 3-day course  (includes tuition, educational supplies, organic meals and logging)

Netherlands: 880 Euro (includes tuition, educational supplies, organic meals and logging)

Additional charges for off-site educational support apply for students seeking certification.