The Chakra Institute, a not-for-profit organization founded by Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar, is offering

INNERTUNING® Spiritual Teacher Training Course for Well-being and Certification



Enhance your Meditation and Spiritual Evolution by realizing Your True Self through Your Voice!

Study Microchakra Psychology and InnerTuning® practices.


Contacts: Chakra Institute, New Hope, PA, USA   Tel: 215-862-3768 or

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Sri Shyamji is a master of Naada Yoga – the yoga of sound & mantra.  He is the discoverer of Microchakras and the creator of InnerTuning® systems for spiritual development, and the author of Microchakras: InnerTuning for Spiritual Wellbeing.* Sri Shyamji has an international network of students and professionals at multiple centers throughout the USA, Europe & South America.

His workshops, seminars, and classes are open to all who want to enhance their well-being.

They offer an ideal opportunity for professionals such therapists, psychotherapists, physiotherapists, counselors and yoga teachers to enhance their effectiveness.

Sri Shyamji is offering classes in voice training for transformative chanting, as part of the InnerTuning® system. He is imparting chanting techniques integrated with the philosophy and psychology of the microchakras.

He will impart the psychology of the microchakras and techniques to absorb the light from the benevolent chakras. This is InnerTuning® System. Participants will undergo training to preserve the authenticity of the Microchakra Psychology theory and InnerTuning® practices.

Challenging emotional states are reflections of energy blocks in the microchakras. These blocked energies manifest as diminished “voice” and expression of the true self, the secure, balanced, loving, creative presence that you are! Through proper vocal training with these InnerTuning® techniques, such obstacles may be identified and transformed.

You will not only chant mantras more effectively, but also experience a certain lightness, as deeply held emotions are transformed. You will learn how to release chronic tensions. The voice will relax, the smile soften, and become natural.  Creativity and joy will increase as you learn to meditate within the sounds you have learned to create.

The 2.5 - year curriculum consists of four on-site five-day courses, followed by 5-6 off-site months

 In addition, the participants are required to attend:

-2 five-day Three-Body Purification Retreat™ followed by five-days of Advanced sounds or 4 five-day Three-Body Purification Retreat™ -2 five-day Three-Body  Purification Retreat™a year
-3 one-weekend workshops with Shyamji or 15 InnerTuning classes (available in Europe and also in USA)

PROGRAM includes:

    - Microchakra Psychology Theory

    - Yoga philosophy

    - Mantra chanting

    - InnerTuning practices®

  Chakra Institute offers systematic instruction in developing these spiritual energies through its programs.


-Morning meditation

-Two Classes with Sri Shyamji

-Daily group practices and chanting

-InnerTuning® Practices

-Aarti - balancing body and brain with light and sound

-Special Video recordings

-Karma Yoga

-Cooking healthy meals demonstration

 A nutrition class will be conducted at the end of the program with a certified holistic health counselor.




●Basic theoretical framework for understanding Microchakras

●Explanation of how various blockages develop in childhood

●The effect of blockages on adult personality

● Spirituality and meditation

● Ashtanga yoga of Patanjali

● Self and non-Self

● Five primary elements (tattvas)

● The nonmaterial fields (bodies)

● The 3 desire principles (lingas)

● Study of the Self (Svadhyaya)

● 7 egos and 1 Self

● The tripartite brain

● Meaning and practice affecting the right hemisphere

● Vidya and avidya

● Kundalini and her sister powers


● Chakras - 7 major and 2 minor

● Study of the causes and effects of openings and blocks in the micro chakras

● How to use your own microchakra chart to understand your behavior

● Patterns of microchakra activity

● The power of “witnessing” to unblock microchakras

● Protecting the microchakras of infants and children

SVAR YOGA PRACTICES: Knowledge of the breath is a frontier in spiritual development that has numerous aspects.

● Techniques for deepening the effect of pranayama

● Lunar and solar hemispheric synchronization: Prana Calendar

● Prana and the function of the 3 bodies

● Breath and altered states

● Breathing and brain function


*Learn millennia-old techniques from Naada Yoga, the yoga of sound & mantra

*How to produce sounds that facilitate meditative states

*Expand your phonetic vocabulary with additional sounds beyond those of your native language

*How to chant with confidence and awareness, leading to transformation of emotional states

*Practice breathing techniques that facilitate confidence and awareness, allowing full expression

*Learn techniques to integrate and manage the three bodies -- Physical, Subtle and Causal -- leading to greater well-being, balanced emotions and clarity of thought

*Awareness of Soorya  Akasha, the Golden Ether

●Pronunciation of selected sounds and mantras

●Cultivation of Bhavana (feeling) through Bhakti yoga

●Internal and external chanting of mantra

● Training ears to experience the subtlety of sound

● Effects of 3 octaves on 3 lingas, i.e., seven chakra minds

● Rhythm of the first 3 chakras

● Mantras for 7 chakras

● Proper breathing and pronunciation

● Role of mantra in opening blocked microchakras

● Sound as origin of universe

● Invoking the power inherent in mantra


TESTS and assignments required for 2.5years CERTIFICATION:

- Conducting 3 InnerTuning classes during Shyamji’s workshops or retreats

- 3 written tests are based on the textbook: Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar and David Isaacs: Microchakras

- Recordings of the mantras

- InnerTuning practices

- Final evaluation by Sri Shyamji


$990 per 6 day on site: (Includes tuition, educational supplies, organic meals and lodging)

$150 Optional online support: assignment with recordings of the mantras and the revision by Sri Shyamji

Graduates of Spiritual Teacher training conduct Meditation classes and workshops.

Aprenticeship:  Three-BodyPurification retreat program by invitation.

Students who earn certifications will be listed on the Chakra Institute web site:

Students are advised to follow off-site daily spiritual practices and schedule private consultations with Shyamji for the InnerTuning of the microchakras and revision of their personal Mantras (not included in the price).


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