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with Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar

Starts Friday April 3, 2020 at 12:00 (EST) or 18:00 (GMT+2)



with Sri Shyamji

in April

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Workshops with Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar

Master of Sound (Naada yoga) and founder of Microchakra™ Psychology en InnerTuning®practices

How Mantras and Sounds can support you in your personal and spiritual growth.

Innertuning®, a Spiritual Path, incorporating Naada Yoga, Mantra and Chakra Meditation


Saturday, March 14th, 17.00u - 20.00u (60€)

Sunday, March 15th, 10.30u- 17.00u (130€)

Price Sat & Sunday is 170€


Vormingsinstituut voor Yogadocenten, Ringlaan 4, 3550 Zolder (BE)


Saturday, March  14, 17.00u - 20.00u (60€)

Naada Yoga: Mantra and Chakra Meditation

Hatha yoga advises how to unite the three bodies, physical, subtle and causal, to reach Samadhi, the experience of immersion within the utmost.

The Tantric tradition offers us methods for expanding awareness of body and mind, so we can refine and master our energies. 
Vedanta teaches how to live above the field of the mind, where there is nothing except Consciousness, or Brahman.

We have the opportunity to reach a union of yoga and wisdom  of Tantra and Vedanta.

Within this introductory evening, the role of the chakras, microchakras and the application of mantras specific to the path of samadhi will be discussed, as they apply to experiencing the subtle and causal bodies. 

Soorya akasha (ethereal space) will be explained and experienced by Naada yoga mantra chanting .

Participants will repeat after the teacher the mantras and some of the sounds of the chakras .


Sri Shyamji’s voice specially  when accompanied with the ancient hand made tambura leads to the experience of higher  states of awareness.

He will explain the details of the daily InnerTuning practices he has designed, based on the traditions of Naada yoga  and svar yogas, that offer the experience of living above the field of the mind.    

Here, real freedom awaits ..

Sunday, March 15th from 10.30 - 17.00 (130€)

The light and sounds of the chakras  

Chakras are subtle wheels of light. Each organ and body part are connected with the chakras as they thrive by their light. There are seven major chakras distributed along the length of the spinal column. Each one may be compared to the Sun. The Sun remains perfect, even though our ability to receive full benefits of its rays may be hindered by various obstructions.

Each chakra creates a mind with its own goals:

  • first chakra - stability
  • second chakra - interpersonal exchanges
  • third chakra - assertion and accomplishment
  • fourth chakra - to love unconditionally
  • fifth chakra - communication and creativity
  • sixth chakra - to intuit and meditate
  • seventh chakra - contentment and transcendence of the earthly plane


Learn how the light within each chakra shines upon us and the ways to capture it.

Learn more about each chakra:  their characteristics and goals  and of course the specific mantras to release the blockages.

10.30-12.30: teachings by Sri Shyamji
12.30-13.30 lunchbreak
13.30-14.15 Practice with the recordings of  Sri Shyamji's sounds and mantras chanted, conducted  by Marini
14.15-14.30 break
14.30-17.00 teachings by Sri Shyamji

Monday 16 March – Thursday  19 March

Private consultations: Microchakra™Analysis & Microchakra™with Shyamji  & InnerTuning®massage with Marini


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