Colombia, South America

 JAN 12 - 20, 2019 Colombia, South America,  

Fusagasuga, Salesianum

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A 9 day retreat with Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar in a beautiful monestary in the mountains near Bogotá.
 The retreat is divided in two parts.  The first part is 5 day Purification of the Three Bodies.
 The second part is advanced sounds.

The classes will be given in English with translation to Spanish.
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There is a bus leaving from Bogotá to the retreat center around 11 am in the morning of Saturday, January 12th.The retreat will end on the 20th of January at around 2 pm.
The bus will also take you back to Bogota. 
Part 1: A Three-Body Purification is designed to flush out the seasonal  toxicity caused by  the impurities of  this vital apaana. Five day retreat  purifies the physical body, uncovers buried feelings and repressed memories, and interrupts obsessive patterns of thought.The results are unbelievable and have amazed thousands of participants.
Except where contraindicated, participants do not eat solid food for the five-day period. They are provided with high quality herbs and husks, teas, vitamin C, special tonics and delicious  protien shakes .( Special dietary requests are also accomodated.)This process is intended to cleanse the internal organs (liver, kidney, bladder, spleen) as well as the blood and intestines.
Part 2: Advanced vocal sounds will be taught and practiced.

Sri Shyamji’s unique ability to produce the ethereal element of soorya (golden) aakaasha with his voice, is the key to the powerful changes every participant in the retreat can expect. The absorption of soorya aakaasha also purifies apaana, and helps to integrate the three bodies.

The beautiful environment of Retreat coupled with the extraordinary tones and overtones of the tambura (a handmade gourd instrument) will transport one to other realms of awareness. Tranquil meditation follows naturally.

Dietary protocol: Three vegetarian meals a day. 

Retreat practices will include:

Synchronization of the brain hemispheres with the breath at dawn followed by morning  meditation;
Twice-daily classes in Microchakra Psychology™ and Yoga of sound (chanting special sounds and mantras);
Innertuning® movements and rhythmic breathing (this prepares the body for the stillness of meditation);
Yoga practices;
Visualizations and deep tone chanting ;
For few hours a day a speech fast will be observed. 
This is of paramount importance for the observation of thoughts and feelings, and ultimately leading to internal silence from which one can be guided from within;
Nutritional class;
Group chanting;
Video of extraodinary teachers and more
 Classes are led by Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar, one of the world’s foremost practitioners of naada and swara yoga, the yoga of sound and breath. Shyamji’s unique ability to produce with his voice the ethereal element of surya (golden) aakaasha is the key to the powerful changes every participant in the retreat can expect. The absorption of surya aakaasha purifies apaana, facilitates meditation, and helps to integrate the three bodies, lessening the sense of being detached from life. These are the conditions that enable psychological resolutions to be made.