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 Part 1: Sunday, July 5 - Thursday, July 9 - Three-Body Purification retreat 

 Part 2: Thursday July 9 - Sunday, July 12 - Sounds for Altered States 


We all agree that life is too rushed and hectic. We are frequently subjected to excess bodily toxicity, unnatural life-style, negative thinking and emotional issues. The Purification Retreat is designed to flush out accumulated toxicity and interrupt obsessive patterns of thinking, uncover buried feelings. Sri Shyamji has had over four decades of experience in helping people to purify and integrate the three bodies. It takes two days to purify the physical body. As Sri Shyamji’s sounds and mantras are chanted, they act deeply on the subtle body. On the third day, emphasis shifts to the subtle body and feelings which have been buried beneath our awareness.

This supports the purification process and helps to increase sensitivity to sound and the subtle body begins to respond to the sounds. On the fourth day, purified energy from the physical and subtle body is refined enough to penetrate the causal body. The process of thinking itself may begin to feel clearer. Special sounds which produce soorya (golden) akasha are chanted. This highly refined akasha pushes more dense and toxic residue out of the causal body.
When purified, the breathing rate drops and participants meditate with ease.

The fifth day is devoted to consolidating the gains of the previous days and preparing to preserve them after the retreat ends with a healing chant with the ancient instrument tambura.

Dietary Protocol for Part 1 

Transformative: Except where contraindicated, participants do not eat solid food for the five-day period. They are provided with high quality herbs and husks, teas, vitamin C, special tonics and delicious protein shakes.
Rejuvenating: Supplemented with additional organic purifying foods such as kitcheri (mung beans and rice) which are easily digested.

Part 2: Advanced Workshop Sounds for Altered States

The universe emerged from sound. All matter in the universe is vibrating and has its own fundamental note. We too have a fundamental note. We do not hear it because our senses are outwardly focused on external threats and pleasures. By engaging with the sounds of the chakras, we can invert our senses. In this process, various sounds become audible called Naadas until we hear our own fundamental note which is the primary source of bliss.

Sri Shyamji's unique ability to produce the ethereal element of soorya akasha with his voice is the key to the powerful changes every participant in the retreat can expect. The absorption of soorya akasha also purifies apana (see video:, and helps to integrate the three bodies (physical, subtle and causal).

Sri Shyamji will chant advanced mantras, coupled with visualizations. On the last day of the retreat the extraordinary tones and overtones of the tambura (a handmade gourd instrument), will transport one to other realms of awareness. Tranquil meditation follows naturally. Many participants experience visions and altered states of awareness. Expect formation!

Dietary Protocol for Part 2

Participants will follow a transitional diet with three organic purifying meals a day. This protocol will help to continue to detoxify and nourish your system.

Classes will be given in English, good to follow with basic knowledge of the language. Different staff members speak French, Dutch and English.

Sri Shyamji is the originator of Microchakra Psychology. He was born and raised in India. At the age 12, Shyamji met his spiritual teacher, a mendicant, in the Himalayas and spent several years under his guidance. The Guru initiated Shyamji into the Saivite tradition of Tantra—imparting a rare oral tradition of sacred sounds (naada yoga), breath (svar yoga), and spiritual wisdom.  

 The grace of the guru (guru kripa) and the spiritual practices he imparted are the basis for Shyamji’s extraordinary intuition and unique chanting of sounds and mantras.

Retreat is a rare opportunity to learn the science of sound from a true master.

 It will helpful if you study the book; Microchakras: InnerTuning for Psychological Well- being by S. Bhatnagar and D. Isaacs was published in 2009 (available in English and French at and in English  in Netherlands )


-Twice-daily classes with Sri Shyamji: Microchakra Psychology, Naada and Svar Yoga (the yogas of sound and breath), plus group chanting special sounds and mantras; visualization; and microtone chanting

-Yoga practices, InnerTuning® movements, walks and rhythmic breathing

-Singing class for self-expression and voice development with Jazmin Suescun

-Group chanting practice

-Mauna (speech fast) is observed until noon. This is of paramount importance for the observation of thoughts and feelings, and ultimately leads to internal silence by which one can be guided from within

-Karma Yoga (selfless service)

-Sunrise meditation followed by the practice of Svar Yoga (synchronization of the brain hemispheres with the breath)

-Professional quality video for in-depth understanding of the Bhagavat-Gita, from a living saint and other spiritual documentaries from the Chakra Institute's library

-A nutrition classes with Marina Toleva, Certified Health Coach


Private Chakra Analysis private consultations with Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar and
InnerTuning® massage   will be available during the the Retreat
(*Not included in the price of retreat)


-Comfortable, loose-fitting cotton clothes.(no jeans) Have a clean set of
clothes for each day and additional layers for cooler mornings.(Laundry service is not available)
-Exercise clothes for yoga classes
-Soft soundless slippers
-Rubber-soled footwear to use outdoors. *Grass is usually wet during early morning walks.
-No spiral notebook or journal and a soft, non-clickable pen
-Comfortable, loose-fitting cotton clothes (no jeans)

Hotel information

Woodbrooke Hotel, Woodbrookersweg 1, 7244 RB Barchem,

the Netherlands.

Surrounded by “Kalenberg’s” forests, Woodbrooke offers modern  rooms and studios set in small houses on the grounds. The bright accommodation includes free Wi-Fi.


total costs

simple room


luxury room


luxury room

2 persons


(part 1) 

   €  700,-

   €  860,-

   €  700,- 


   € 1.050,-

   € 1.360,- 

   €  1.050,- 







printed costs are per person


n.b. Due to Hotel regulations it is no longer possible to participate in the retreat without a room.

simple room: Small, not modernized bedroom. Small shower in the room, shared toilet in the corridor.

luxury room: Nice, modernized hotel bedroom with 2 or 3 beds, private bathroom and toilet. You can register alone (and share with someone else) or register together with somebody else.


Bookings of simple and luxury rooms will be accepted in order of receiving your first payment and registration form. Your choice is accepted if the room of your preference is still available.


Registration Three-Body Purification

Barchem, July 5th till 9th/12th 2020


Fill out this registration and health history form below, sign and email a scan to: or

send a photo via WhatsApp or Text to: 0031 6 49420294

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Part 1 or Part 1+2:  

     □  Three-Body Purification (part 1)                      

     □  Three-Body Purification + Sounds for Altered States (part 1+2)


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Three-Body Purification

Barchem, July 5th till 9th/12th 2020



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I understand that the purpose of taking the Three Body Purification is to cleanse body, emotions and thoughts. I understand that this Purification is not designed as a cure of any disease. If I have an allergic reaction to any herbs, supplement or foods I will inform the staff and discontinue taking it immediately.






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