Microchakras: InnerTuning for Psychological Well-being

The book was published in English and in French in 2009 and 2013 respectively.

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The first guide to working with microchakras, the channels within each of the 7 major chakras 

• Identifies 147 microchakras that affect our spiritual evolution and daily well-being 

• Introduces the new field of Microchakra Psychology and its practical component of InnerTuning, the use of precise sacred sounds that release energy blockages within the microchakras 

• Includes a 28-minute CD of InnerTuning sacred sounds 

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Each of the traditional 7 chakras contains 21 microchakras, which enable the chakras to process information related to our thoughts, feelings, and behavior. When the energy flowing in the chakras is blocked, our physical, emotional, and psychological well-being is compromised. Through the unique practice of InnerTuning--a system of precise, potent sounds and mantras--blockages in the microchakras can be released so the subtle body can become realigned and physical and mental health can be restored. 

Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar developed the InnerTuning technique from his early work with breath and sacred sounds, which began at age 12 with his guru in India. In 1967 his discovery of the 147 microchakras inspired his creation of Microchakra Psychology, a blend of ancient wisdom and contemporary psychology that explains the workings of the subtle body and how openings or blockages in the chakras can either encourage or sabotage psychological health and spiritual development. Child-rearing practices, particularly in the first three years of a child’s life, directly affect the relative openness of the chakras and consequently the developing personality of the child. For example, a child with an open third chakra will feel confident and relate easily with others while third-chakra blockages may result in aggressiveness and an overly competitive attitude. In Microchakras, the authors detail indicators of openings and blocks in each of the 147 microchakras along with examples of the actions that would tend to create blocks or foster openness. 

For centuries the subjective viewpoints of metaphysics and religion have been rigorously excluded from the scientific study of the nature of being. Discoveries in quantum physics have awakened a newfound interest in consciousness, which has moved to the forefront of experimental science. Microchakra Psychology and InnerTuning represent major contributions in consciousness research and practical healing techniques. In this book, Shyamji describes methods for optimizing energy flow in the microchakras to enhance well-being and promote spiritual growth through the power of sound, breath, and the divine energy that resides within us all. 


“This beautifully detailed and fascinating book describes ancient Indian yoga teachings that use subtle sound and breath to energize and purify the chakras within the chakras. The authors are to be congratulated for bringing this rare tradition of tantra and mantra yoga into Western psychology and psychophysical healing.” (Ralph Metzner, Ph.D., author of The Unfolding Self and Professor Emeritus, California Institute of I)

“It is extremely rare to find a vast new body of understanding that is so respectfully and logically embedded within ancient yogic science. Microchakras expands our view of the classical chakras by describing in great detail the effects they have on each other, opening or blocking particular spiritual potential. It provides a striking insight into their relationship to sound, breath, purification, meditation, early childhood experiences, and a lot more. Whether you want to help others or yourself on the spiritual path, this monumental legacy promises greatly enhanced efficiency.” (Peter Marchand, author of Yoga of Truth)

"Any library strong in consciousness research will find this packed with extensive coverage of actions that create or open blocks." (The Midwest Book Review, Oct 2009)

". . . overall, if you are ready to take your study of chakras to the next level, this hefty tome will provide hours of study and enlightenment." (Whole Life Times, June/July 2010)

“More than forty years ago Shyamji Bhatnagar, a then unknown meditation master, brought the concept of ‘chakra psychology’ to the West. Since that time, more than any other person, he has expanded on the understanding that the energies of our bodies are either in balance or out of balance. I have personally met more than one hundred people who have overcome deep depressions and hyperanxiety and uplifted their spirits all through Shyamji’s teachings. Microchakras rises above all the faux material on chakras and is the definitive work for those wishing to use InnerTuning to bring balance back into their body. I cannot recommend it highly enough.” (Gary Null, coauthor of The Complete Encyclopedia of Natural Healing and award-winning talk radio hos)

“A remarkable book that could not be more timely. The exercises the authors prescribe for InnerTuning are based on the paradigm that the basic stuff of the universe is sound; readers are taught how to use their reason, feelings, and intuition to attune themselves with this sound. Microchakras will arouse controversy, transform lives, and may help to heal the torn cultures of our era. Its goal is nothing less than spiritual transformation, not only of the reader but also of a species that has become increasingly endangered.” (Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., coauthor of Personal Mythology)