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Online Mantra Meditation Concert with Sri Shyamji , May 21, 2021

"Wonderful experience. Swamiji came to my mind. Gold light (for the first time) which transformed into a garland and then a column of white light. "- Astrid Calderon,  France

"This meditation concert was most remarkable. It is still going on within and all around with its vibrations. Firstly, the sound quality was very good. It was such a sound delight to discover the various tamburas, and how they bring specific color and emotion to the meditation and mantra.
The first one was very solemn to me. Some kind of "Peace engagement Act of the Earth" it felt. At the door of an inner temple, sitting within beyond space and time.
The second part I really felt everything is vibrating. The last part was so subtle and advanced, afterwards I just wanted to remain in silence and be. This was such a treat to be able to participate, but the experience itself more so as a type of spiritual initiation to deep and profound knowledge and messages. The teaching about Schuman resonance and Shyamji's project of recordings touched my heart's feelings, and always more and more awed by his lineage and shining radiant presence." –  Magali Stitelmann, environmental educator, Switzerland

"A sublime experience!  During the last mantra I felt enveloped in sound and then became the sound. I am so grateful for such a profound experience. The effects lasted for hours!" - Lynn, psychotherapist and art therapist, NYC

 "Thank you so much for last night; it was such an amazing class! When Sri Shyamji started to play the tambura, with the first few notes, it felt like my left and right channels moved like soft flowing rolling waves into the center: I was completely at peace and grounded. With the mantras it was like I was listening and feeling the sound only with one side of the body, sometimes left and sometimes right, and also with one ear, with lots of vibrations. With the last 2 mantras for the 6th and 7th chakra it felt like my body disappeared: I was not sitting anymore; I was outside my body. At the same time, I saw a bright white light on the 6th chakra but with all colors, in layers, behind it?" –Anne Lippers, Ayurvedic practitioner and Amnanda therapist, France

"Wonderful experience! I started out sensing the gait of a lumbering elephant and ended with my hand over my Heart Center in a state of silent equipoise.  The sense of peaceful wellbeing persisted throughout the day," - Ed Falenski, USA

"First thank you very much for this beautiful event!
With Panchavaktra Mantra - a big white light above and around the head and a feeling of floating and dissolving. Up and down didn’t matter anymore, those concepts became meaningless. There was no boundary anymore between the hands and the legs they were resting on. They felt one. A strong feeling of happiness and openness.
With Guru BVM. This being the daily mantra for me at the moment: how beautiful and happy-making as if meeting a dear friend! With a stillness in the happiness. An openness in the heart and above.
(...) and AOM Shivaya Mantra - First There were purple spots in the field of vision. Then there was the strong sensation of the body and the skull as confinement. A desire to break loose from it. As if the light was confined too. Matter (the body, especially the legs) felt very dense and heavy and a bit lifeless and useless. The white light was there and with a quality of stillness (not a beam with a direction, more just being there). A stillness in the feelings as well. Not a Big Contentment, but more subtle. A quiet happiness.
During Ishanaya Devata Mantra sound of the big tambura was not coming through very well, so that gave some distraction and attempts to improve this on my side. Sound of the smaller Tambura later on came through better.
- Rate of breathing slowed down slowly. Also, the need to breathe became less and less, with the last mantra there was some breathing movement going on, but it did not feel like breathing, it was more subtle than that (I hope that makes sense). As if the body went through the movements, but actually there was almost no need. - Nicoline Fennema, Clinical Psychologist, The Netherlands

"It was just wonderful. The explanation, the experience of the mantras. The first mantra I felt like welcoming and thanking the Akasha. Very clear. That opened me up. The following mantra got me stabilized and my bodies came more together. Then the attention and energy went up in and around my neck and head. I experienced Shyamji s voice combining with the tambura as a present. Every time it is the nicest and easiest way for me to get centered, quiet, peaceful and moving towards bliss.  Looking forward to the next 7 classes." - Marianne Peeters, a senior Yoga Teacher, ’s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherland

Online Winter retreat:The theory of the Central Channel (Sushumna) - Microchakra Psychology, 
December 26-31, 2020

“My two plus decades of yoga, meditation, juicing and raw foods have all been beneficial, but we don’t have to look at the outer world and its increasingly complex challenges for very long to see that what once worked may not be enough to re-harmonize the present fear and disorder so prevalent both within and outside us. It is undeniably clear that we must do more than we have done in the past to discover the resources within us to heal, and make this period a time of positive transformation. The Chakra Institute’s Purification program is just what we are needing now to safely break free from our habitual patterns, awaken new awareness, and expand our potential through its restorative realignment and reset of the physical, mental and energetic aspects of the self.
We are all drawn to the Chakra Institute because of the reordering and elevating effects of Shyamji’s sounds, so why purification and not just sounds?  We all want to expand our potential and elevate our experience of the self, but how far can we really go if our physical bodies are not healthy, balanced and resilient.  Even when I was “healthy" by medical standards, I realized after these retreats I was in need of a total system re-boot! I initially questioned the benefits of the new ghee protocol, but it worked very well in 5 days to visibly dissolve and eliminate fat deposits and related waste. And don’t miss Marina’s morning classes, because they effectively relax and refine our relationship to the physical body and strengthen our foundation for more subtle development. It is their multidimensional approach and empowering integration of the whole self that makes these Chakra Institute purification retreats so uniquely effective. Whatever we cleanse and let go of in the physical body creates new space for Shyamji’s sounds and wisdom to vibrate within us with enhanced potency, for refining emotions and thoughts which block our innate potential, and for facilitating our own minds’ stability and ability to discover the subtle dimensions and veiled superpowers of the self.
Yes, if you were used to seeking a remote sanctuary for spiritual retreats, managing this in your own home via Zoom may have its challenges at the start. You have to be your own witness, and more self-responsible in your adherence to the protocol but ultimately, having to organize your days around practices dedicated to your continued evolution and wellbeing is an act of self-love that has its own benefits.  Experiencing these purifying patterns in our own homes as part of our daily living may even  help us make a longer term commitment to more  elevating practices and choices in general. It is possible and likely that in Chakra Institute’s on-line purification retreats, we actually become more active, self-directed participants in nurturing the seeds of new energies and intelligence within us, and without physically separating from our ordinary life for a temporarily catered spiritual “fix", this becomes a permanent transformation we are are more apt to feel we have the capacity to continue.” -Devatma, USA

It was a privilege to participate in the Central Channel retreat. Shyamji’s generous sharing of his abundant knowledge, deep wisdom and exquisite sounds allowed me to experience the chakra minds on a most profound level. I was inspired by Marina's nutritional guidance and movement classes. I admire her ability to keep everything running smoothly. The purification went well; I felt relaxed and at ease the whole time.  Shyamji's sounds and mantras combined to create within me an altered state.  I look forward to the next retreat! - Lynn, psychotherapist and art therapist, NYC

Workshop: Death, Life's Purpose and Transformation , December 12 - 13, 2020

"For me it truly was a wonderful workshop. The fear of death has diminished to a point of non-existence, thanks to Sri Shyamji’s teachings! I was not expecting this at all but it happened anyway.” -  Nicoline, The Netherlands

“...Shyamji's teachings are so precious and I am more than grateful that I had the possibility to join... all his workshops, retreats, etc. ...this workshop was an extremely growing experience.
Not only knowing what happens by the time of death, I also lost the fear facing death. It also motivated me to follow up with my daily spiritual practices. ” - Bettina Neuman,  Psychologist & MSc,  Austria

 "My being is full of gratitude for the knowledge, experiences and tips you gave during the workshop. It helps me in peacefully accepting the impending death of my dear husband. And with all my love, I will support him in the peaceful abandonment of his body. Knowing that everything IS. For myself, the workshop motivated me to go further and further in developing my Inner Light.” - Hilde Arnout, Belgium

“...with the beginning of the mantra Sarawati my happiness began ...and my face shone with love for the Divine...something beautiful happened…I saw and felt 5 and maybe more channels of different colors of the spectrum ...and energy flow (as springs flowing upwards towards the head). So much love and mercy overwhelmed me that tears flowed down my cheeks.” - Ljiljana Pavlovic, Switzerland

"I had a wonderful experience of being absorbed into light and sound during the Death and Transformation class.  It is comforting to know that there are ways to prepare for the transition."- Lynn, Teacher, Counselor, NYC 

Online Purification retreat, November 27 - December 2, 2020

"The entire retreat brought contentment to me.  On the physical level, I felt grounded and still inside as feelings and thoughts subsided. Each day there was more clarity.  I was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly things went considering it was a Zoom meeting.  I had the desire and the discipline to keep on track. Though I do look forward to " in person" meetings again, until then, I am happy to participate in another "zoom" purification!" - Lynn, Teacher, Counselor, NYC 

"I would like to share my experience with the Makar mantra that Shyamji chanted in yesterday’s workshop about the 7th dimension. I felt peaceful and I experienced a beautiful silence, where it felt like there was nothing and yet there was everything. For many seconds there was no breathing at all. Then for a few seconds I heard a high pitch tone in my right ear, then I was drawn into my head, looking from within the head behind my eyes, and I saw the face of a cobra right in front of me staring at me. I went out and came back in my head twice more, still looking from behind my eyes and seeing the cobra and for a second, I felt fear. Then that feeling subsided." - Josefine, Judge, The Netherlands

Advanced Sounds workshop, July, 2020

"Dear Shyamji, with this email I wish to express my gratitude and utmost admiration for your generosity with your time and teaching in creating this advanced course and as such make it possible for us to participate in a very well-organized online course including a different purification.

You seem to have endless amounts of knowledge and wisdom to share with us and are willing to do so in your advanced age. You are giving this beautiful teaching with fresh energy, humor and zeal. Furthermore, to a smaller number of participants, which is an advantage for us. This intensive teaching is very enriching for me.” - Pia Keiding, Founding Director CITHE, Brussels

Online Purification retreat, May 21 - 26, 2020

 "Pranam Sri Shyamji: I am forever grateful for the purification classes. I am still soaking up all the energy created from the past five days, my physical body is purified, but my subtle and causal needs more work as I mentioned. I am sorry I broke down this morning. I am very sincere in my journey and it is just that my stupid mind wants to question everything and it has been hard for me to surrender. I am going to continue to do Ramava mantra for some more time and hope it will help me break the iron chain. Having proclaimed myself as an atheist at the age of 15, it is hard for me to accept anything that has religious angle and no tangible evidence. I come from a very orthodox Dvaitha Brahmin family and I rebelled against all idol worship at a young age. But, with your blessings and guidance I hope to overcome this blockage.Thank you again for everything you are doing to help people and to Marina for her unconditional love, patience and attention to details." - Mohan, India

“… how grateful i am for the three-body purification retreat. I awoke this morning with a surge of lucidity, inspiration and overall blissful equanimity :) It has been a year that I've been yearning to do a purification with you and was blessed to have the time...to participate. I enjoyed doing it from the comfort of home, though I certainly would have loved to connect more with the others, so i can see the benefits of both modalities. Last December, I developed chronic pain in my left shoulder/upper arm. it was a constant dull pain and the longer it persisted, the more I worried about how it would affect my tennis and my life and even thought maybe it was something serious and I should have an mri. It seems miraculous to me, but the pain is now completely gone and I'm over the moon happy about this." -  Deborah Zafman, teacher/artist/healer, Montclair, NJ

“A tale of learning…I met Sri Shyamji 22 years ago. By the grace of the Divine, I was able to have consultations and purifications with him on an annual basis. These purifications left my three bodies in the very fortunate state of being able to listen to the strongest of Shyamji’s recordings, to good effect.Twelve years ago, life brought me to a far corner of the earth, where it has been very difficult to continue the close association with Shyamji. Left to my own devices, but without purifications or guidance, I continued to pursue my practice of listening to Shyamji’s recordings. It took twelve years without attending Three Body Purifications for the effects of my indiscriminate use of mantras to manifest.Without expert guidance, I advise caution! The lesson to bring this to my attention is a painful one, it is best avoided if at all possible. To try to use words to describe the condition I was left in, is not easy. Suffice it to say that such practices, without direct guidance from the teacher, should be avoided at all costs.I had a realization that the only person wise enough to help me was Shyamji!  I feel a deep gratitude to him for suggesting that I made an effort to attend a long-needed purification. This I have now done. I am exceedingly fortunate to be able to report that it has resulted in starting me back on the road to recovery.This cautionary tale may, I hope, be for any aspirants who have the opportunity to participate in purifications, to realize their value, whether online or in-person. They are, from my experience, essential to making spiritual progress. I believe that before the higher chakras can be approached, the cleansing of the three bodies has to be attended to. ” You do not turn up at a wedding in your work clothes,” is perhaps a way of comparing it!” - Brian , Australia

Online Purification retreat, May 14 -19, 2020

"It is very special that Shyamji and Marina have found a way to give us these special classes, both on-site and now online.  I have had four three body purifications in Barchem,
and I must say that this ‘3BP' at home was the best of all!  This experience let me feel so close with both you and the other participants." -  Anja Suzon, Saswitha yoga school graduate and teacher in Moordrecht, The Netherlands. Student of Sri Shyamji since 2014, graduate of the Chakra Institute’s four year Spiritual Teacher Training Program since 2020.   

"I loved the classes, the sound work, the mantras. I agree with what some of the others have said: it was nice to be able to chant freely, without worrying about someone else judging, and to have the freedom and comfort of being at home. I have encountered saboteurs/painful emotions, and I still do. I see the as clouds in a sun-lit sky. I have had feelings of stillness, joy, awe and love during the sound classes, and I have sensations at the top of my head almost every time you chant, or after. I feel very grateful.You said something about a workshop to open up the voice. I would be very interested in that. Thank you again for everything (so far)!"  - Kristina, Translator, Stockholm/Sweden

”Since my first 3-body purification & advanced sounds retreat in July 2009 many pieces fell into place and I know that Sri Shyamji’s teachings and personal guidance provide the psycho-spiritual growth that I searched for. So far I have taken 15 purifications. Each one is different.I am very impressed about the effectiveness of the online purification. I highly recommend this retreat, even though nothing compares to experience Sri Shyamji’s chants live. There are special benefits to the experience from your comfortable home, the personal contact through the zoom meetings, chanting out loud on your own and learning to prepare all the recipes. Thank you so much for making this possible. I feel very fortunate and blessed to be able to make best use of this time confined to home and study under the guidance of great teachers." - Annelinde Dekker, Financial Administrative Assistant, Schoorl, Netherlands. 

Purification Retreat, 2018

"Beautiful place and caring people for people who would like to take yoga to a higher level and have time to practice.
If someone wants to know more about the chakra's evolution from blockages to opening in the micro chakras from child hood energetically to our destination to be free, than this is the place. I am so happy that after 32 years searching Swara Yoga Guru and finally found Chakra Institute where Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar is teaching.I am so fortunate. Namaste!",  - Bela Pecsi, Medical Simulation Specialist, Worked in cardiology for 32 years at University of Miami, trained hundreds of cardiologists worldwide in simulation.

"Shyamji is a true master of Nada Yoga. The purifications are top quality and well organized. The Chakra institute is a real gift to have in the area as is Shyamjis guidance into the subtle body." - Rhonda Leone, Teacher at Yoga For Living in Cherry Hill, South Jersey 

Purification Retreat, March, 2017

"Shyamji is a genuine yogic master. Meeting him, and integrating his innertuning practices, his teachings about the micro chakras and Hatha Yoga, listening to and chanting his mantras, attending his 3 Body Purifications changed my life, gave me direction, and set me on a path of clarity concerning many questions I have been seeking answers to for a very long time. I have learned so much and see advancement spiritually because I am finally beginning to understand, shed ignorance, and wake to sit with the sun in stillness and silence at dawn, tuning my 3 bodies to the rhythms of nature and the cosmos." - Kelly Crandall, Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner & California C.M.T.

Purification Retreat, Colombia , January, 2016

"Chakra Institute has been a life changing experience. I have done 3 purifications in the last year. I have radically noticed how much my health has improved since then. I used to have hormonal problems. I have never had regular period cycles, ever since I was 15 years old, I suffered from amenorrhea and I had acne all over my face despite I took lots of medicines to overcome it. After my second purification, my period started to be in tune with the moon cycles - ovulation at full moon and menstruation at new moon - and my face have been cleansing with 90% improvement. I also suffered from low blood sugar, I had to eat every two hours. However, I started to follow Shaymji’s and Marina’s nutritional advices and now I can’t remember how it feels like to be hypoglycemic! I have plenty of energy all day around, I do one-hour exercise before having breakfast (without fainting) and I am feeling 100% in tune with my body needs. The best of all: I feel my body is just a small reflection of how much my soul has changed after I started this spiritual learning. I highly recommend these purifications." - Juanita Garcia,  29 years-old, Colombia