Stream classes with Sri Shyamji


Online classes: Seven Dimensions for InnerTuning ®

49 steps to Empower Yourself

with Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar

Fridays: September  25 and October 2, 9 

12:00 - 1:30 pm (NYC Time) / 18:00 - 19:30 (Paris Time)


On the earth plane we can perceive all  seven dimensions which can be harnessed by seven minds.

Each chakra light is perceived by its own mind. Each mind is able to experience one dimension.

At this dark age of Kali most people are confused and insecure and do not move beyond the challenges of the 3rd dimension - the 3rd chakra mind.


How to move into more advances stage of life?

Within us is a subtle body, containing seven radiant chakras that correlate with our physical body. Some pathways from the chakras (microchakras™) to the physical body may become blocked.  These blockages compromise our physical, emotional, and psychological well-being.

 Sri Shyamji received the knowledge of the 147 microchakras™ in one meditation, as a divine transmission.  From this experience, he created the theory of Microchakra™ Psychology.

 To fully experience 7 dimensions, we need to understand the powers available in each of the 49 microchakras™ of the left channel, called Chitrini, located on the left side of the spine.

 Sri Shyamji will demonstrate how to use sound as a healing tool. He will chant to alter everyday awareness and enhance insight into the causes of chronic ailments.

 Students who take the time to open themselves to these special sounds, on a consistent basis, have the rare opportunity to experience ever deepening openings within their subtle selves.

 Watch the strength of your motivation grow, giving you more focus, healthy emotions, the ability to meditate, and to transform!


During this course, we will learn:

 - To utilize the light from our 7 chakras

- The anatomy of the 49 microchakras and how they effect our body, emotions and mental state

- The details of each distinct microchakra openings and blockages and some of their characteristics to experience thier power

- How to vocalize powerful sounds and mantras to enhance the light flowing in the microchakras

(Please bring your InnerTuning® chart or download the blank one from our product page here.)

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The contribution to the Chakra Institute:

$70 for 3 classes or $25 for each class

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Sri Shyamji is a master of the ancient Indian Healing arts of sound (Nada Yoga) and breath (Svar Yoga) which he has practiced and perfected for the last 50 years.

One of his most important contributions to the living tradition of yoga is a diagnosis and treatment system he calls InnerTuning®, which operates on subtle-body structures never before recognized in yogic literature: the microchakras™ which are the components of the larger chakras, the energetic vortices located along subtle channels analogous to the physical spine. When a microchakra is fully open, healing energy flows freely. The therapeutic effect is profound. Microchakras associated with sounds and mantras are known to evoke harmonious brainwaves, settling the breath and calming the mind.


Some of the fifty-two sounds of chakras are used by all languages. Seven of these are used by musicians. Sri Shyamji has found that the sounds of chakras and mantras may remove blockages within the microchakras pathways of light. 

Proper pronunciation for the mantras will be taught and practiced together, as a preparation to experience the deep effect of the Soorya Akasha, the golden ether, a rare aspect of the voice, created by Sri Shyamji's voice during these sessions.


Akasha is the element of the fifth chakra, the source of speech, listening upon the quality of the sound, akasha will be more or less refined. Among the finest akaaha is soorya akasha. Some of the many beneficial effects of Sorya Akasha are:

• Establishes new connections among neurons
• Produces a healing effect on the immune system
• Aides integration of all three fields: causal, subtle and physical
• Reduces breathing rate
• Brings contentment to the seven chakra minds
• Integrates the left and right hemispheres of the brain
• Refines the early (reptilian and mammalian) brain
• Aides unattached observation of phenomenal world
• Stimulates opening of the sixth microchakra of the fifth chakra, the locus of the Inner Guru
• Facilitates meditation         

Please see Sri Shyamji's book Here: Microchakras: InnerTuning for Psychological Well-being