Online with Sri Shyamji: Microchakra Analysis and Tuning

The online consultations, for new and current students, are in lieu of face-to-face sessions. They provide the same extraordinary one-to-one opportunity to consult with Sri Shyamji. The purpose is to create a plan of life-changing transformation specific to your requirements.


The initial 2 hour consultation presents the opportunity to understand your physical, feeling and thinking body (also known as the three bodies) from the perspective of your subtle energies. In addition, written suggestions will be provided tailored to your personal needs. These suggestions will help you improve your habits and behaviors, leading you to a more joyous life.

Your private consultation with Sri Shyamji starts with an introduction to the energy system of the chakras, as well as a discussion of your present concerns, followed by an examination and alignment of the microchakras™. 

From this examination, Sri Shyamji creates a chart outlining the openings and blockages (strengths and weaknesses) within the flow of light of your 84 microchakras. He will then explain your key openings and blockages.

According to your body type, Sri Shyamji will provide dietary and exercise suggestions, a tailored meditation-suitable exercise, and a special mantra. These will help you to understand and love yourself.

Why are mantras and sounds advised? 

Chanting to onerself or listening to specific InnerTuning® recordings is an important means to energize and balance the Microchakras.™ The sounds on these recordings are produced through vocalization and sometimes accompanied with a stringed instrument of ancient origin (tambura). They facilitate the expansion of the pathways (microchakras) to maximize the amount of light that can pass through.

Vibrations of Nada (sound) yoga mantras, chanted by Sri Shyamji, produce an ethereal space (soorya akasha). When chanted to oneself, it creates nitric oxide in the upper part of the nose, which energizes the production of dopamine and other chemicals. This quiets the mind and gradually opens the blockages and opens the microchakras. This process is called the InnerTuning® therapy.

Continuing the InnerTunning therapy (40 min.)

For the further progress in opening the microchakras™, a change of mantra or other strategies will be suggested. In addition, alignment of the new openings with the existing openings may enhance the perception of the 5 senses. This leads to the capacity for deeper meditation and intuition.