***Extraordinary one-to-one opportunity to consult with Sri Shyamji.

  • Date: 2/27/2023 10:30 AM
  • Location: USA (Map)


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Follow-up session - Microchakra™Tuning - 40 minutes
Follow-up session - Microchakra™Tuning - 60 minutes




The initial consultation-Microchakra™ Analysis (2,5 hours)  presents the opportunity to know who you really are, from the perspective of your subtle energies, and to create a plan of transformation and integration specific to your requirements and the present state of your three bodies.

It begins with  InnerTuning® massage, in preparation for the microchakra™ observation and analysis. A certified practitioner will provide the massage that relaxes by stimulating energy points marmas.

The meeting with Sri Shyamji starts with an introduction to the energy system of the chakras followed by an alignment of the microchakras™ and creation of a chart outlining the openings and blockages within your 84 or more microchakras™. 

The chart is both a tool and opportunity to prioritize the blockages for clearing, with consideration to some blockages that may function as “saboteurs.” Those may prevent certain openings from manifesting a potentially healthy effect.

With your priorities established, recommendations may include holistic advice, dietary and exercise suggestions, that provide direct support to the subtle body, to overcome blocked microchakras. 

The consultation concludes with an opportunity to review your entire InnerTuning plan, with a certified practitioner.

Why are mantras and sounds advised? 

Chanting oneself or listening to specific InnerTuning® recordings is an important means to energize and balance the microchakras™.

The sounds on these recordings are produced through vocalization sometimes accompanied with a stringed instrument of ancient origin (tambura). They maximize the flow of the light of the chakras, energizing our body, feelings and thoughts.

Sound vibrations of Nada yoga mantras, chanted by Sri Shyamji, produce an ethereal space (soorya akasha). It quiets the mind and gradually dissolves the blockages.

With your sustained practice, your focus on solutions may lead to attitudinal changes and transformation.

The Follow-Up Microchakra™ Tuning private consultation with Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar (40 min)

The microchakras™ are energized for vitality and balance, according to the plan established in the initial consultation. Experiences during your practice, since the last consultation, are discussed and adjustments in your plan are made accordingly.

Alignment of the microchakras enables them to be more receptive to the perfect light energy coming from the chakras. The effect of this alignment may be felt for several days afterwards as a sense of balance and harmony.