Sadhna Intensive and Svadhyaya (Self study) near the Grand Pacific Ocean in beautiful Marina Del Rey, CA. Six nights, seven days week. Availability from April 15 onwards.

  • Date: 6/18/2024 09:00 AM
  • Location Marina del Rey, CA, USA (Map)



During your week of Sadhna you will become attuned to the nature and move into pure sound as a step in the progression to perceiving your unique fundamental note. From being aware of your own sound, and learning how to sustain it, Sri Shyamji will advise how to gradually perceive higher dimensions, to more keenly perceive what is the reality.

Naada Yoga: hear your vibration
Our ears are tuned to 12 tone scale. All music around the world is played with these notes. Naada Yoga can help expand to 22 tones to chant MANTRAS.

Learn to go beyond the musical notes where lies the natural music beyond the arrangement of beautiful notes. 
Practicing sustain tones with your own voice brings harmony and order in the brain.
Combined with Svar Yoga you can invoke higher dimensions from where to perceive reality.

What is Included
Sri Shyamji will plan your daily schedule.

Your practices may include:
·       Mantras selected for your present state.
·       Learning to identify and work with your fundamental note.
·       Training in how to apply discrimination in listening and perceiving musical tones, by hearing the songs of great singers.
·        Svadhyaya (self-study practice) tailored to the requirements of the individual aspirant.
These may be adjusted throughout the week, as you experience the  transformation.

·        The tambura as an evolutional tool - learning to tune each string of the tambura and how to apply your personal mantra. A harmonious voice is unnecessary for this practice, just the desire to learn.   

·      How to stimulate the pineal gland through tratak meditation, including best practice in preparation of the ghee lamp.
·       Creating your own sattvic living environment.  How best to take the sacred knowledge from your special week, to your home and life, to sustain and continue your transformations…and more!

Not included in the program
Private consultations with Sri Shyamji are by appointment.


-Comfortable, loose-fitting cotton clothes.(no jeans). Have a clean set of clothes for each day and additional layers for cooler mornings.
-Exercise clothes for your yoga practice
-Soft soundless slippers
-No spiral notebook or journal and a soft, non-clickable pen


Ever enjoyed a spiritual vacation?  

Well, I did! 

I came home with bright, pure eyes. Eyes as clear as the blue sky on a beautiful summer day. My skin shiny and tanned. Full of joy and gratitude! 

Actually, I was lucky that my initial travel planning changed at the last minute. For example, just before my week sadhana with Shyamji, I had a 3 body purification in person. 

This loosened up a lot, ensured that my saboteurs had little power and the sound energy could flow much better. 

Initially, I was afraid of the unknown and also of "will I be able to handle it all?". 

After the purification I had a feeling of "ok, let it come. I accept what comes. I'll be able to do it. 

So it started brilliantly. 

The first day I was instructed to take a sauna, sit in the jacuzzi and stand on the vibration belt. Everything at your own pace, with peace and quiet in between. It really seemed like a holiday. Time to look inside myself as much as I wanted.   

I had never liked taking saunas. But now the memory of my husband really loving that, brought me to his words. He could let go of all his worries there, enjoy sweating, feel the pearls rolling over his skin. It was his place to relax very deeply. To be alone, to let thoughts disappear. I found myself entering into his experience and feeling how he had always felt. 

Vibration therapy was totally new. I welcomed the vibration into my body and what it did to my injured knee. I was surprised that my body became more flexible. It gave a very nice happy feeling. 

The weather was lovely all week long. Time for sauna, jacuzzi and vibration belt. What a luxury! 

The next few days I got an hour with my teacher, Shyamji. 

Somehow I was surprised that he had observed me. It was a confrontation with my working points. Where in the past I might have defended myself, I found that I had to agree with his observations. I had already noticed things in myself 

that day. The advice was also nicely fitting. The fact that I became aware of it also opened the door for that change. Because of the many points I wanted to pay attention to, it will be  a process. Maybe by trial and error. But I do have the will to do it better or more correctly. 

In the past week I was also lucky enough to attend a Friday class on microchakra 4.5. As well as a Sunday lesson on the importance of the coming eclipse and how we can deal with it. 

During these lessons I was able to experience again how sounds and chantings lift me higher and higher within myself. 

On the spiritual path, SHYAMJI guided me through the gate of a new world for me. He explained my experiences. And the hunger for this path just increased. In me there is a deep desire to move further and further in it. 

I have a deep gratitude to Shyamji for his guiding, his patience and explanations of my experiences and dreams. 

I am also grateful to myself for having had the courage to take this step towards a sadhana week with Shyamji. 

I don't just feel good or great. Those words are too simple. I feel honored to be there and to receive so many beautiful gifts! 


Hilde   (April 2024)

The Retreat is Limited to 2 persons!
>> Contribution:
Shared Bedroom with a shared bathroom and a shared powder room (all included). 

  • Bedroom with 2 beds: $1950,-
  •  On occasion 1 person in a room: $2250,-  

For six nights - seven days.

Contact us to schedule an interview via Zoom at: