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How to raise an emotionally healthy baby using simple practices with Sri Shyamji. Most every psychologist agrees the first 3 years of life is when the basis of your personality is formed. Understanding this through the lens of Microchakra™ Psychology, we can raise our babies to feel secure, unafraid, and confident.

  • Date: 10/22/2022 02:00 PM - 10/22/2022 05:30 PM
  • Location 2985 Beech St, San Diego, CA 92102, USA (Map)
  • More Info: South Park Yoga


  • Allow for deeper bonding.
  • Create subtle communication cues between parents and baby.
  • Build essential connection through loving touch.
  • Introduce sounds to create intimacy with the baby.
  • Prevent psychological distress and emotional deprivation.

This talk is especially good for mothers and fathers to be, young adults looking forward to having family, anyone in the process of self-reflection looking to understand what might have happened in their own childhood, spiritual practitioners, childcare professionals, teachers who instruct others in how to raise children, and those assisting in the birthing process. 

Spiritual Baby gives voice to the babies whose experience we often misinterpret. The methods discussed will help a baby to find contentment through loving security and grow to manage their emotions, care for others, and ascend a path of their choosing. Please join founder of Chakra Institute, Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar who will share his knowledge of Microchakra™ Psychology and build a passionate argument for reimagining the way we parent and birth our babies.

About the speaker: Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar is the founder of Chakra Institute and principal author of “MICROCHAKRAS, InnerTuning for Psychological Well-being”. His work has been presented at major growth centers and universities including New York University, Bombay, Sorbonne and Cambridge University, The New School, Asia Society, and many others. At the Museum of Natural History in New York City he introduced a unique method of education for young children ‘Conch Play’ and has been teaching on the faculty of the New York Open Center for over forty years. Professor Henri van Praag, a noted parapsychologist, created a department of Chakra Studies for Sri Shyamji at the University of Lugano, Switzerland, awarding him an honorary professorship. Within the living tradition of yoga Shyamji is recognized as a Nada Yogi, the discoverer of Microchakras™, Mantra Chanter, Therapist, and Teacher. Currently he has a worldwide network of students including professionals that he teaches at various Chakra Institute locations.

Oct. 22, 2022 at 2-3:30pm & 4-5:30pm

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