Spring is an ideal time to purify our three bodies and prepare for new incentives to capture more life. Experience 5 days with SRI SHYAMJI to open the doors to higher dimensions, leading to the real bliss of life! Online from the comfort of your home, with the freedom to chant out loud or in-person in Marina Del Rey, near the Pacific Ocean (limited beds available).

  • Date: 3/28/2024 05:45 AM - 4/1/2024 12:00 PM
  • Location Online Event



As fundamentally divine beings, we are all designed to be joyful and content. There is no need to settle for less. The stresses of life, reinforced by our current education system however, often sabotage us with negative thinking, emotional issues and physical toxicity.

The Three-Body Purification Retreat is designed to flush out accumulated toxicity, interrupt obsessive patterns of thinking, and resolve buried feelings.

The detailed practices will allow you to gradually rise above the mind, make right choices, and find joy in each day, despite external circumstances.

Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar, the Chakra Institute’s founder, offers more than five decades of experience and has guided thousands of people around the world. His unique ability to produce the ethereal element of soorya akasha (golden, healing sound) with his voice allows many people to experience powerful changes.

Through his chants, teachings, meditation and dietary protocol, you will begin to purify your three bodies: the physical body, the subtle body (feelings) and the causal body (thoughts). Many participants have found this program to be life transforming. See further down for testimonials.

The Spring Retreat

Spring is an in deal time to purify to capture more youthful lifeSelf-study (pratihara) will be practiced daily. We will learn special mantras and sounds of chakras to accomplish pratiahar to internalize the senses.

Significance of the rythms of the chakras and invaluable ceremonies to tune into the higher dimensions will be explained.

At the level of the physical body (sthul sharir in sanskrit), there is unwanted fat and toxins accumulated from food and drinks, inappropriate oils, salts, sugars, lectins and even vegetables and fruits. The fat and toxins are rejected by the blood, which needs its purity. Only when apana prana is purified does the blood maintain its pure energy, which shows in the texture of the skin, the light of the eyes and the halo around the head. Apana prana normally operates below the navel, where it facilitates bodily functions of elimination. When it is not purified and kept below the navel, it starts affecting the purity of higher pranas for the functioning of the chakras above the navel. Therefore, different regions of the body can manifest disorders ranging from constipation to depression, memory problems to dementia, and in the worst case schizophrenia. A disturbed apana prana may cause us to age faster and obstruct the flow of energy, causing premature wrinkles. When the apana is purified, the circadian rhythm will be reset and sleep, digestion and bowel rhythms will improve. You will feel grounded, clear, stable and light.

At the level of the subtle, or feeling body (sukshm sharir in sanskrit), toxins accumulated by heart breaks, negative feelings and emotions, and aches and pains, also disturb the apana prana. Sometimes we suppress an emotion, other times we do express them but in an unhealthy way and have to live with the consequences. Feelings don’t like adulteration, this disturbs apana prana. 

Finally, we have the causal or mental body (karan sharir in sanskrit), known as the seat of thoughts, ideas and concepts.  Negative thoughts about yourself, others, losses, worries, fears, insecurities, and lack or loss of power, causes apana prana to become adulterated. 

This retreat will show you that purification of the 3 bodies is the way out.

Living a spiritual lifestyle created by our dear teacher Sri Shyamji has done miracles for many people who followed the protocol. Many have reversed diseases and gained a balance in life. Others have been able to discover higher dimensions and are following their intention to live a spiritual life. There are even some who have found their bliss and hear their fundamental note, known as naada in sanskrit.

About the Three Bodies

To learn more about the 3 bodies, please click HERE

Comments from Previous Participants

“A lot of feelings came up during the retreat. I experienced a deep emotional/mental release of past trauma and of a profound sense of inadequacy and shame that I thought had been resolved. Sadness still comes and goes, though I also feel a deep compassion for the suffering of others. I notice that my skin feels extra sensitive and soft and my energy is renewed. Overall, the retreat for me was transformational . I feel like I have a new skin!  I feel more deeply committed to my sadhana. Thank you Shyamji and Marina for providing the space to enhance my spiritual development.” With gratitude, , Lynn, psychotherapist and art therapist, NYC

“As a participant in the work of the Chakra Institute and its founder, Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar, for 45 years, each class and workshop has been an exceptional step on the road to reaching what we call the Self. However, the Central Canal Purification was an experience, not beyond description, but a further clarification on this path, an extraordinary step in the Journey. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone wanting to feel better, be happier, more composed, or electing to take a step through a well-crafted path to the Self.” - Marcia Miller,  Retired Museum Director, Board Member, Chakra Institute

“What to say where words are superfluous to express that content, love, blessing…. complete fulfillment with joy, smile and happiness that adorns every new day.  With new enthusiasm to realize what it brings and be completely there in action and observation.  Thank you for that gift to realize, feel and know. This purification has helped me a lot to tune in, observe and be with myself as much as possible and at the same time I have the joy of being with others and sharing what I have, which was given to me at birth - Life. My mood was stable.  With immense gratitude and joy to see, hear, know and share you again. “ - Liljana Pavlovic, Artist, Switzerland

"The purification provided the energetic sustenance to let my awareness, for the first time in my life, be able to express with certainty " I AM ". During the purification, when the class was related to the fifth chakra, I was able to witness what could be call, nadis darshan. I saw the nadis in the right channel, how they are like nerve ending communicating to the central canal. the fire of the central canal was transparent, I saw it like the heat from a turbine." - Enrique, Video Production Director 

“Everything is going well! I followed your advice and so I get up early, although I initially had a lot of resistance to it. But you're right. I feel very energetic. I already did my InnerTuning exercises before my morning meditation etc. It is really blissful to have the whole day in front of you! I feel blessed to have this purification. Sri Shyamji helped me a lot on my own way!! I am grateful for all the information you shared, the organization etc. Thanks!”- Hilde Arnout, Belgium 

Retreat Agenda and Practices:

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Suggested reference:

Microchakras, InnerTuning for Psychological Well-being, by Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar, available from Amazon.

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