Aarti (for Devotion and Meditation) Digital Download ::sacred sound offerings for InnerTuning® of the Chakras:: This unique recording of Jagadisha AARTI has been carefully designed to balance the two hemispheres of the brain, bring energy to the heart chakra and prepare one to hear the concluding mantras of the recording which bring about a meditative state.


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AARTI is an ancient devotional practice utilizing a bell held in the left hand and the flame of a ghee lamp held in the right hand. The bell is rung rhythmically. The ghee lamp is balanced as one draws an OM symbol near an icon in order to honor it. This ritual is accompanied by a devotional song (also called AARTI) in praise of the Divine. The aspirant uses a form to inspire the development of certain speciic qualities embodied by a deity, nature or icon. It may also be used to express various feelings such as gratitude or longing for purity.

AARTI is also an exercise for stimulating the left and right hemipsheres of the brain. Keeping rhythm is normally a left hemisphere function. By employing the left hand to ring the bell, you are exercising the right hemipshere to do the natural job of the left hemisphere. Conversely, by drawing with the right hand you are employing an opposite function. To further stimulate the two hemisphres of the brain, one may continuously shift the body weight from one foot to another.


Listen to the complete track for nine consecutive days before performing the ritual. To perform AARTI a small bell and ghee lamp are required. An icon which evokes feelings of sincere devotion is essential. This may be an archetype or religious symbol.

AARTI is a devotional song where mouth breathing is permitted. The words will be gradually memorized over time.


-As you stand facing the icon, hold the bell in your left hand and the lit ghee lamp in your right hand. Focus on your devotional feelings toward the icon.

-Begin gentle rhythmic ringing of the bell.

-Once the rhythm is established, use the ghee lamp to trace the OM sign (figure 3) in front of the icon. Continuously ring the bell and trace the OM until the practice of AARTI is finished. This is determined by the fact that bells on the recording cease.

-Conclude with reverence for the icon.


-Be seated before listening to mantras.
-Listen to mantras for forty sessions before attempting to chant along.
-Afterward, when ready to chant along, be sure to breathe through the nose.
-Be quiet with eyes closed and your ears will absorb a very special silence (surya aakasha). The more you are able to absorb this golden space, the slower your rate of breathing will be. You have now taken yourself to a very quiet space leading to meditation. The higher chakras are active now; this is an ideal time to linger in silence.*

*If you have to drive or resume other activities it is advised that energy be brought down. This can be done by splashing cold water on the face and hands.