Blossoms of the Nine Chakras Digital Download ::sacred sound offerings for InnerTuning® of the Chakras:: Five devotional chants prepare the breath for four jewels of sound for deep meditation. Apart from the chants for seven major chakras, two chants pertain to two small lunar chakras: the hrit chakra and the soma chakra.


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*Ganapati Deva
1st Chakra Chant
*Bajaranga Bali
2nd Chakra Chant
*Rama Chandra Raghuvira
3rd Chakra Chant
*Krishna Radhay Bol
HRIT Chakra Chant
*Santoshi Mata
4th Chakra Chant
5th Chakra Chant
6th Chakra Chant
SOMA Chakra Chant

7th Chakra Chant


InnerTuning® sounds are subtle yet powerful. Adhering to prerequisites ensures best results.

-Have a bowel movement as early as possible (best before dawn) and follow with a shower.
-Wearing clean clothing, sit facing east.
-Play the mantra at a low volume first. Learn to chant along. Gradually, raise the volume slightly.
-Listen to the mantra for 6 consecutive days, visualizing that you are chanting. After 54 days, repeat the whole sequence, this time chanting along.
-While chanting, breathe through the nose only. This will supply the purest prana to the mantra and will enahnce its effectiveness.
-After the recording finishes, continue sitting quietly for a few minutes.

These sounds are to internalize the senses and should not be played for entertainment.

*If these prerequisites cannot be met initially, listen to this mantra when your stomach is empty. Keep your eyes open and fixed downward at a single point.