Gayatri (for Wisdom and Meditation) Digital Download ::sacred sound offerings for InnerTuning® of the Chakras:: Through recitation of this mantra, we evoke the balance necessary to internalize the senses and to experience stillness. In this stillness, our three bodies (physical, feeling and thought) are integrated. The Gayatri mantra leads us to an effulgent (self-luminous) light.


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The goddess Gayatri is the embodiment of transcendence. She is a perfect balance of the three qualities of nature: inertia, activity and purity. This balance is necessary to reach stillnes within and ultimately merge with Consciousness.

Sri Shyamji's chanting of this mantra induces a reduced rate of breathing, deeply calms the nervous system and provides a haven of peace.


InnerTuning® sounds are subtle yet powerful. Adhering to prerequisites ensures best results.

-Have a bowel movement as early as possible (best before dawn) and follow with a shower.
-Wearing clean clothing, sit facing east.
-Play the mantra at a low volume.
-Listen to the mantra for forty consecutive days. After forty days of learning the mantra, chant along.
-While chanting, breathe through the nose only. This will supply the purest prana to the mantra and will enahnce its effectiveness.
-After the recording finishes, continue sitting quietly for a few minutes.

These sounds are to internalize the senses and should not be played for entertainment.

*If these prerequisites cannot be met initially, listen to this mantra when your stomach is empty. Keep your eyes open and fixed downward at a single point.