Inspiration Chants for Seven Chakras ::sacred sound offerings for InnerTuning® of the Chakras::


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Harmonizes the energy in each chakra, and, with best use, aligns the physical, subtle and causal bodies.
There is one chant for each chakra.
Listen to each chant for seven days.
After 49 days, repeat, chant along.
Begin with the first chakra and proceed in sequence.

Track List:
Jai Ganesha (1st chakra chant)
Jai Hanuman (2nd chakra chant)
Sri Rama (3rd chakra chant)
Radhay (4th chakra chant)
Sharaday Ma (5th chakra chant)
So Hum (6th chakra chant)
Om (7th chakra chant)


InnerTuning® sounds are subtle yet powerful. Adhering to prerequisites ensures best results.

-Have a bowel movement as early as possible (best before dawn) and follow with a shower.
-Wearing clean clothing, sit facing east.
-Play the mantra at a low volume.

-Listen to each chant for seven days. After 49 days, repeat, chant along.
-While chanting, breathe through the nose only. This will supply the purest prana to the mantra and will enhance its effectiveness.
-After the recording finishes, continue sitting quietly for a few minutes.

These sounds are to internalize the senses and should not be played for entertainment.

*If these prerequisites cannot be met initially, listen to this mantra when your stomach is empty. Keep your eyes open and fixed downward at a single point.

The purpose of mantra is to expand the mind to discover higher minds. Each of the seven chakras has a mind of its own:
1. Physical body 2. Gender 3. Occupation 4. Love 5. Creativity 6. Intuition 7. Finally, through reflection and meditation, the realization of the SELF -- who we truly are.